How to Rip Off 1,000+ People & Continue Banking On Them! Updated: WarriorPlus Reaction!

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I contacted Shane Nathan from WarriorPlus – as he promoted this product as well to check and prove my findings.. he admitted I was right! They (Mosh Bari’s team) made a mistake and affiliate links were not updated correctly with customer’s aff. IDs! For as long as I see it – it’s STILL not fixed!

Here’s some of the conversation from Facebook:


Welcome to another rip-off product! Seeing so many affiliates promoting Lazee Profitz by Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari – I had to check this out myself! (read the sales letter)

The 1st thing: you have to wait until they create you an account. I had to submit a ticket to create it! Bad sign.

The 2nd thing: I see the domain I’m about to promote is on their own domain I have no control over! See: 

This is too bad!

I mean who’s going to seriously promote (and spend any money) on a domain that he/she doesn’t own? And see its name: What?!

Who’s going to make sure it will be renewed next year??

The 3rd thing: just read some of the reviews… nothing exceptional… now imagine, hundreds of websites with exactly the same reviews! Shhhh… really?

The 4th thing: you can’t insert WarriorPlus affiliate ID in order to promote WarriorPlus offers so you can’t earn commissions on Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton’s and other people’s products! You’ll earn THEM money not you!

Read this WarriorPlus article for proof!

It’s not like JVzoo or ClickBank ID! You can’t really promote WarriorPlus stuff with your review site! Now see all the products except 2 are from WarriorPlus!

Post Network Enable Review Link Affiliate Request Link
1 Rank Reel Review

2 Viral Reel Review

3 WP Affiliate Machine Review
Warrior Plus

4 DFY Lead Pages Review
Warrior Plus

5 Tube Rank Machine Review
Warrior Plus

6 High Ticket Hijack Review
Warrior Plus

7 Commission Funnels Review
Warrior Plus

8 Equinox Review
Warrior Plus

9 Stealthd Review
Warrior Plus

10 Enigma Review
Warrior Plus

11 Aurora Review
Warrior Plus

12 Atomic DFY Review
Warrior Plus

13 MaxProfixPro Review
Warrior Plus

14 NewsProfixPro Review
Warrior Plus

15 Blistering
Warrior Plus

16 Profiteer Review
Warrior Plus

17 TraffixPro Review
Warrior Plus

18 AutoTraffixPro Review
Warrior Plus

19 RapidProfixPro Review
Warrior Plus

20 SniperProfixPro Review
Warrior Plus

Still want to promote your “lazee” review site? 😉 

I do hope NOT!

I see more than 1,000 grabbed Lazee Profits! No refund! What?!!!


Nothing negative in “real” reviews by these marketers:

Rank Affiliate
1  Jono + Brendan
3 Jason Fulton 
4  Glynn + Victory
5  Justin Opay + Billy Darr
6  Abhi + Neil Napier
7 venkata
8 investasap
9 Yogesh Agarwal 
10 Pallab Ghosal 
11 Bryan Winters 
12  Brett Ingram +Mo Latif
13 chrisxjv
14 Mo Taqi 
15  Igor Burban+ Mike McKay
16 Anthony Mancuso 
17 Robin A. Palmer 
18 Joshua Zamora 
19 Art Flair 
20 paul nicholls
21 seosandy
22  Mark Barrett + Bill Hugall
23 Mohammed Imran Sadiq 
25 Dan Green 
26 Rick Nguyen 
28 Dawud Islam 
29 Simon Greenhalgh 
30 bencarroll
31 Luan 
32 Gee S
33 Luan Lee 
34 Han Fan
35 Mark Bishop 
36 David Vu 
37 Norby Bandan 
38 Jennifer Dawson 
39 mohamed Elhashash 
40 Ganesh Saha 
41 Able Chika 
42 Suzanne Spisak-Moutinho 
43 Ram Rawat 
44 Michael 
45 Patrick Nick 
46 Firelauncher 
47 Kurt Chrisler 
48 Mukram 
49 Sachin Kulkarni 
50 Vivek Gour 
51 Tim Walker 
52 Michel Sirois 
53 Susan Inter 
54 David.Williams
55 mansary
56 terryakpos
57 amitgaikwad
58 Matt Martin aka Muhathir Shams 
59 Ariel Sanders
60 Adarsha AN 
61 Stanley Baker 
62 Peter Onwe 
63 Karim Barakaa 
64 fajarkurniawango
65 Leo Reynolds 
66 joshua kenechukwu 
67 Rich.W
68 Viren Talwadekar 
69 getrichinfo
70 ap387
71 Simon Akers 
72 MikOverk
73 mokhan265
74 Dr Rajesh Jain 
75 DanielSan
76 David Dill 
77 Lukas Barsteiga 
78 Anirudh 
79 Dan Bradley 
80 Andrew Darius 

“Nice” what do YOU think? They’ve got their commissions and prizes… that’s what counts? Right?!

I hope you enjoyed my little review 😉 Any comments are welcome!


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