How to Plan Your Blog Post

Planning your blog post before you write it is one of the best ways to save time and energy. You do not want to waste precious hours and effort writing a blog post that neither helps your blog nor gets your readers excited.

Every piece of content you create for your blog needs to have a purpose. You’re either delivering value to your audience and/or trying to sell them something.

You may also create content that targets keywords which are easy to rank for so that you can tap into organic search traffic but even here, your content must still deliver value or your site will have a high bounce rate and affect your search engine rankings adversely.

* How is it relevant?

The first question you need to ask yourself when writing a blog post is if it’s relevant to your niche. For example, if your blog is about the keto diet, why would you suddenly write about bodyweight training?

You must find a way to link the topics. In this example, your blog post may be titled, “Can I do bodyweight training while on the keto diet?”
Now your post is relevant. Nothing exists in isolation and your blog posts should not either.

* Know your audience

Knowing the demographics of your audience will help you write in a way that speaks to them. If you’re in the bodybuilding niche, your audience will be mostly men who want to get bulky and muscular probably to get women’s attention. This is generally a more ‘hardcore’ crowd who will entertain and laugh at strong language.

However, if you’re in the ‘flat belly’ niche, your audience will probably be women who are more sensitive about their weight and appearance. Strong language and locker room jokes will be a turn-off here.

Both niches are trying to get fit, but there are distinct differences in the makeup of the audience. Your job is to spend enough time in forums, Facebook groups, etc. to get to know your audience before writing for them.

* Research

Always do your research and back up your content with facts. The internet is awash with fake news. People are skeptical about whatever they read online.

Doing research will allow you to know what you’re writing about and your content will have value. The research you do will lay the foundations of a solid blog post that helps readers and even has the possibility of going viral.

* Main topic and sub-topics

Every blog post you write should cover one topic in detail. Don’t try to write about everything for everyone. Even in one particular niche, there will be several sub-topics.

Pick ONE sub-topic and go deep. While writing your blog post, you may lightly cover a few other sub-topics. These will just be mentioned briefly and in passing.

The reason you do this is because the other sub-topics mentioned will be opportunities for you to write blog posts about in future. You’ll then be able to come back to the post you’re currently writing and create internal links to the future blog posts.

You’re thinking ahead here which will help with search engine optimization and will keep curious readers on your blog longer.

* Will there be a call to action?

While not every post needs to have a call to action (CTA), several of your posts should have one. You may either be trying to promote an affiliate product or selling your own product.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the blog post to build your list. You can do this by embedding a sign up form in the middle of the post (easily done using Thrive Leads), or you may use a content locker plugin to get readers to sign up to access the complete article.

Think about whether your post will have a CTA, and plan how you’ll weave it into your content.

The 5 points mentioned above are important and should be given attention when writing every blog post. While creating content is good, doing so without purpose is pointless.

Your time and energy are finite. So, make every post count. If you can do this, your blog will be popular and your readers will love your content and trust you.

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