How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face (FREE COURSE)

What’s, going on guys, thomas garrett’s here, and in this video i’m, going to show you how to make money on youtube without showing your face. However, this isn’t going to be like those other videos where you re-upload other people’s content.

The reason being is because youtube has actually been making it a little more difficult to get monetized on those types of channels. So not only am i going to show you the best niche to use to actually get monetized on youtube with no problems at all, but i & # 39.

Ll also show you how you can make money long before you ever get 1 000 subscribers and monetized on youtube, and just so you know this isn’t a lie, or it’s fake in the last 30 days. This is how much money i made using the same exact niche method and program that i’m about to show you.

The only difference is that i show my face in my videos and you’ll, be doing it without showing your face, but don’t worry. I’ll, be showing you examples of channels that are doing the same thing and doing it without showing their face, and they’re.

Absolutely crushing it. Also. This isn’t just gonna, be a video of me like telling you the ideas of how i think you should do it. This is gonna be a complete, step-by-step tutorial, with everything from creating your channel.

Choosing your niche setting your channel up coming up with video ideas, creating the video uploading that video and even how to monetize that video before you ever have any subscribers. So this video is gonna, be insanely, in-depth and insanely, valuable, probably the most valuable video.

I’ve ever done on my channel. We could call it a mini course for , and the best part is not only is this video completely , but in this video i’ll, be showing you how to do everything, even if you have zero money to start.

However, you still have to know how to do everything so make sure you watch every second of this video, because if you skip ahead or leave early, you’re gonna miss out on key steps that will teach you exactly how to do this Method and then just make sure to smash that like button for the youtube algorithm and let’s, get into the video alright.

So, like i said in this video, i’m, be showing you how to make money on youtube without showing your face, and because this video is like a complete mini course, and it’s going to be pretty in-depth. I’m, going to be breaking it into steps, so it’s much easier to follow along and you can just follow along with me, write down the steps or, however, works best for you.

But again you’re, going to want to make sure and watch the entire video because, like i said it’s, super valuable and there’s, literally no videos on youtube teaching you this exact method that i’m about to teach you – and i didn’t plan on doing this at first, but i’ve decided.

I’m gonna set up the actual channel in this video, like the profile picture, logo, channel art everything for two reasons. The first reason is because a lot of people tend to like leave certain things out in the video, and i want to make sure you actually know how to do everything.

So i’m, not going to leave anything out, but the second reason – and more importantly, i figured if i’m gonna put in all this hard work, creating this channel. Why let it go to waste right? So i’ve decided that i’m gonna give the channel away and you don’t got ta, do any weird things and go.

Follow me on instagram and follow everyone. I’m following nothing like that. I’m. Just gonna choose a random commenter on this video who’s already commented in one week and they get the channel it’s. That simple! But now let’s, get started with these steps so for step, one we’re gonna be choosing a niche, and if you & # 39, ve watched my channel at all before you know that i teach different methods on how To make money online and that’s, the niche we’re gonna use because it’s truly the best niche.

Not only does it have one of the highest cpms, which means you get more money from youtube ad revenue, but you can monetize your channel long before you’re, even monetized on youtube, and i’ll, be showing you all of that.

Later on in this video, so just make sure you keep watching, but real quick. I just want to show you some examples of channels that are currently doing this without showing their face. So this right here is mr money and similar to me.

He creates videos about ways to make money online and they’re. Basically, all screen shares and just tutorials about different ways to make money online, and these videos are super easy to make. He doesn’t even show his face, and there’s.

Plenty of people who are doing this in making bank like we got top wealth secrets. Doesn’t show his face. We got investor right here. He never used to show his face, but he does in a few videos now, but he still doesn’t.

Do it very often – and i get investor and mr money have a lot of subscribers, but topwell secrets, pretty low and with me i just crossed over 30 000 subscribers and i made over 20 000 last month. So you don’t need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money on youtube.

If you follow this tutorial, and literally the only difference between me and these channels, like i’ve said, is i show my face and they don’t and yes, showing your face, does build trust faster with your audience.

But the nice thing about not showing your face is you don’t need to get lighting you don’t need to get a camera. None of that – and i’m, going to be showing you how you can do everything for , so you don’t need to buy anything as long as you already have a laptop or a computer.

This really wouldn’t be possible to do screen, recording tutorials on a cell phone, so you do need that, but otherwise it’s all free now for step. Two we’re gonna actually be creating a youtube channel.

The first step to doing that is, you need a gmail account and i suggest always starting a brand new gmail account when you make a new youtube channel. So we’re gonna go right here. We’re gonna hit, create account for myself, and all of you know how to create a gmail account right.

So i’m. Not gonna show you how to do that. All right now i created my gmail account. We’re gonna go to Now we’re gonna hit sign in and then, if you only have just the gmail like for me, when i go to chrome, you can add a new person.

So i just added a new person, so this doesn’t have any of my other accounts on there, so i just hit sign in and then it did that so it signed me in then you hit create a channel. Then you want to hit get started and you want to make sure you use a custom name, and this is going to be a brand account.

Okay, so that’s like you know how he was like mr money. Okay, so we could add in any name right here, rather than just our name on gmail, and you always want to make sure you do this, even if you only use your name like my name is thomas garrett’s.

I still have a brand account because you can add users and do all this different type of stuff and obviously for this reason, because you can use a different name. Okay, so we’re gonna do moneyland, get it like disneyland anyways, and then you just hit this check box and then hit create.

And then you want to hit use youtube as the brand account right here and then we’ll upload this stuff later. Okay, so we & # 39. Ll do all of this at a later time. So we’re going to set up later and there we go.

I do want to say, though, if you want to use like a part of your name, you could do that like make money thomas there’s, something along the lines of that it doesn’t have to be a pen name like This, but i just figured this – would make the most sense, because i’m, going to give the channel away okay.

So now the next step is, we’re, going to actually set the channel up and we’re going to start by enabling the proper settings. This is super important. So we’re, going to go to youtube studio right here and then you can learn more if you want, but i’m just going to click off of it.

I’ll. Show you what to do. Then we’re, going to go to settings right here. If this isn’t set to your currency, you can change that. But then we’re gonna go to channel right here. Okay, so channel keywords, so we’re gonna put our name moneyland and then hit enter.

We do like make money online enter. So just have a few of like your main keywords. So we’re gonna do like tutorials uh stuff, like that you’ll, you’ll, learn as you go and you can keep adding them. It’s, not that important, but you do wan na.

Add those okay and then for country we’ll choose our country here, go to united states and then advanced settings right here you. This is very important. You want to go to no set this channel as not made for kids.

I never upload content that’s, made for kids. That’s very, very important, and then you, you want to make sure display. The number of people subscribed to your channel is on you. Don’t want to turn that off.

Okay, it’s very, very important. A lot of people turn that off because they’re like ashamed of having low subscribers, but a lot of people actually like watching channels with less subscribers because they feel like they’re.

A part of a community okay. And then that’s good there now for branding. This is something where you’re gonna have to dm me. If you want the image – because i have one so i’m gonna show you if i hit choose image, i got it in my pictures right here that’s, where i got it, so it’s.

This one right here it’s, a branding watermark, so it’s that watermark. That shows up in the bottom right corner of your videos on youtube. If you’re watching uh sideways on your phone or on a computer, you can see it and then, if you mouse over it, you can press subscribe.

Okay, so i have a custom start time. I started at one minute because that’s, usually when my intros finished, but you could just do the entire video it really doesn’t matter at all, like literally does not matter at all, but you do want to have that branding.

Watermark, okay and then we’re, going to hit save to make sure everything saves. Now. This is an important part too. You want to go to settings and then we’re, going to go back to channel feature eligibility.

Okay, so right here you want to make sure you verify your phone number. Obviously i’m, not going to do that for this channel, whoever wins it can, but the reason you do that is because that will enable videos longer than 15 minutes custom.

Thumbnails live streaming and appealing content id claims. Okay, this is actually the new way to do it, so you can just click right there, but you can also click right there and then the way i had to do it was the only way you just hit verify here and then you enter in your stuff And then you just get a text message with the verification code takes two seconds and then we just go back and then you would want to enable live streaming, enable longer videos, enable custom, thumbnail, thumbnails and then enable content id appeals.

Okay. So this says eligible this says eligible. This says eligible you’re, not eligible, especially not for monetization, not yet okay, but just make sure to verify it. It’s very, very important, but now that part is set up.

So we’re, going to go back to our channel and close out of this and then go to your channel. Now, as you can see, we don’t have any channel art we don’t have a profile picture. We have nothing set up.

Okay, the easiest way to do this would just be to go to fiverr and have someone set it up for five bucks for you, which is gonna, be the best way and as you can see, you can get a youtube channel. Art set up for five to ten bucks and they’ll.

Look really good and i’ll leave a link in the description below, so you can come check out this page and if you want to do it that way you can. But if you’re completely broke, i said i would show you how to do it all for free.

So we’re gonna create our own, so we’re, going to start with the profile picture and what we’re going to do. Is we’re, going to go to a free website called, and i’ll leave a link below and then you’ll want to create an account super simple and then you’ll, be on the Home page like this and a profile picture on youtube or on google – i guess is 800×800, so you’re gonna go to create design hit.

Custom dimensions then do 800 by 800 and then hit create design. Now i’ve already. Actually created one right here, because i don’t want to waste your time, but i’ll, show you how i actually created this okay, so this is moneyland and then all i did okay.

So i clicked the background i went here. I have some colors saved, but you could just go to new color and then just go to green and then like that, all right. So that’s, pretty much the same color. And then you go to text right here and you click add heading all right, so i used nor wester.

Okay, so i did money and then i copied it. So you can click up here to duplicate or what i do is i control c and then control v to copy it, and then i typed in land, and then i made this bigger. I made this bigger and then all i did is i went to elements and i typed in circle and then i took this circle and i made it the entire width of this, and i made it black all right because yes, 800 by 800, is a square, But the profile picture becomes a circle.

If you can see right here, it becomes a circle. Okay, so that’s. Why i did that and yeah, so that’s, how i did it? Obviously i already created one right here, so i’m going to download. We go right here and hit download if you have multiple pages like i do, because this is my actual one for my channel.

You’ll, go right here and then you’ll, go to page three, because that’s. What this is so we’ll click on that make sure it’s, a png hit done and then download and there it is right in the corner here so right now i’m gonna try and keep organized.

So i’m. Just gonna drag that over here onto my desktop and then i’m gonna make a file folder, because when you’re, creating a video or doing anything you wan na stay organized okay. So i’m, just going to put this all in the same folder for this entire video.

So we’ll just do a money, land folder! Okay, so i’ll. Put that photo in there that way. We’re organized okay because you don’t want. I see so many people where they got all these things all over their desktop and they can’t find anything and it’s.

Just a waste of time so be clean, be organized. It really helps. Okay. Now, as far as the channel art, so this is my channel art i created one already for moneyland. The only difference is this is gonna be 2560 by 1440, okay and the the reason i have it like this is because, on mobile, these side parts are going to be cut off.

Okay on the top. This is going to be cut off on everything, except for on tvs, so every device is a little different. So if you want me to share this, this actual thing with you, so you can use it as a template.

Again, message me on instagram: it’s at thomas garrett’s and i’ll, send it over to you. But again this is just text and then these right here i went to elements and then i just literally typed in money and then it’s like right here.

Okay, so i just put two of those on there, so they have some extra stuff on there when you’re on desktop, so you can see like i can see his stuff on the side right, but on mobile i could only see this middle Part: okay, so that’s.

Why it’s like that now i’m, just gonna download it again. So this is page three again, so i’m gonna go here, go to page three and then hit done and download, and i’ll. Read this too quick. I guess i didn’t.

Do it so it’s, just money land, and then it’s, helping you make money online with new videos every week. Okay, super simple super basic. All right now we’re gonna put this back into our folder right there, so we’re organized and then we’re gon.

Na close out of this now we’re gonna go back to our other tab right here, and then we’re gonna hit on this profile photo thing right here and then we’re gonna hit edit. That’s. Gon na bring us over to google okay.

Now we’re gonna hit, add profile, picture and then select photo from our computer and then the moneyland folder is right there and we’re gonna click. On the profile picture, now we’re gonna make it as big as it possibly can be.

Okay, like that, and then we’re gonna hit set as profile photo and then what we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna go back to youtube yep, so there you can see it. So it’s got like the black outline because of that circle it looks pretty good if i do say so myself right so that’s, not bad! That’s, not bad! So then, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hit customize channel, and then we’re gonna hit.

Add channel art okay. So now we’re gonna select the photo again. We’re gonna grab our youtube channel art right here and then you’re gonna see that it looks different. It looks good on mobile. It looks good on tv.

It looks good on desktop, so we’ll. Just hit select – and i’m gonna unzoom out, so we can see it right that’s perfect. Now. Please understand that i’m, no professional at graphic design. This is super basic, so i would suggest spending that money on fiverr if you can afford it, but it is what it is right.

So as far as your channel right here once you actually have videos, this is where you & # 39. Ll, add sections so automatically your uploads will already be there. So all of your uploads will go there, but if you wanted to add in like playlists and stuff like that, like how i do on my channel that’s, how you would do that, but what we’re gonna do here Is we’re gonna go to the about page? Now we’re gonna add a channel description.

Thank you for checking out my channel moneyland. We have the best and new make money online methods on the internet. We upload new videos every week at 4pm in a perfect world. You would know what your upload schedule is and when you post, like i post wednesdays at 4pm, unless something like this entire video takes forever like this one did, but it will be worth it.

I promise, but you want to pick an upload schedule. Okay, so i’ll. Just say that for now and uh we’ll just say make sure to subscribe with the notification bell turned on. So you don’t miss out on anything something like that.

So we & # 39, ll, save it and then what we’re going to do here for in business email. You want to create a separate email for this, so it could be like moneyland inquiries at gmail. Typically, you would want to have a business email, but that’s, not important right now, but just don’t use the same email as the one you used for youtube because you don’t want to make it easier For the hackers to hack you, okay, so use a completely different email there, and that’s.

What you would type in there and then the most important part is links right here. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to youtube quick? We’re gonna go back to our channel and then everything before this question mark view as subscriber okay.

So we’re gonna copy. All of this and go back here, add a link and we’re gonna click subscribe here and then post that, but we’re not done yet. We’re gonna put question mark sub, underscore confirmation equals one at the end.

Okay and then we’re gonna hit done so now. If we go to our channel pay attention to this corner right here, i’m gonna refresh it, and now you see the subscribe here, link okay! So this isn’t just a link to our channel that link.

When someone clicks on it, it will pop up our channel and then say, confirm, channel subscription and then subscribe. Okay, it doesn’t work on mobile, but it works on everything else, so that’s. Why you do that and now our whole channel is set up.

It looks a lot better than how it did before. Am i right all right? So for step, four, i’m, going to show you how to get video ideas that will actually get views and how to plan out the video and one of the best ways to find out.

Video ideas that will actually get views is to go to a channel in your niche, so mr money and then sort by most popular okay, and then you see right here, make money online by just watching videos top five 1.

1 million views. So obviously, that’s, a proven video. Now the thing is sometimes these popular videos on popular channels, their title won’t, actually have a search term now make money online by just watching.

Videos is a search term, i believe so. The way i find out is by using a tool called morningfame and, as you can see here, this is what i use to plan out. My entire title with my search term. Okay and the search term is what helps you rank in seo and lets people find your videos when you’re just starting out okay.

So then we have the description right here that i plan out. I have my tags: everything’s planned out; okay, i love morningfame. It’s. What i use for every single video okay! So now, if we’re gonna, do this video make money online by just watching videos? What we would type in is make money, not all caps make money online by just see it’s showing up.

So this is what’s actually in youtube search results, so this is actually a search term. So we’ll click here and then what’s nice is? It will show you like grades or rankings if it’s like a video that your channel will do good with so this is related to stuff.

I do on my channel, so it works out. Pretty good and e is the lowest you don’t want to get an f, so e and d is okay, and it might be a little hard when you’re first starting out to get good grades. But sometimes you just got to make the video anyways and test it out, but it’s super important when you’re first, starting out to make sure you have actual search terms in your videos, because that’s.

How you’re, going to get a lot of your traffic when you’re first, starting out now, this isn’t a free tool, but there is a 14 day free trial. If you use my invite code with the link down below in the description, so you can test it out for free and see if it’s, something you like and at least use it for a little while now after we got our search term Right here we’re gonna hit choose for step number four.

Okay, our search term is not the complete title. You wan na add something at the end like how he did he has top five, so he’s, probably showing the top five ways to make money online by just watching videos.

So we could do something like that or we could do like the five best ways or something like that or five best methods. Okay, so i always put these in all caps and then a lot of the time. The first letter will be capitalized as well: okay, but that’s.

How i would make a title right there also. I do want to say this. If we delete this right here, real quick, it will show you tips. It says: try adding a few extra words at the end of your title to intrigue people to click.

It says it will give you a lower relevance score just barely, but it’s worth it because it will get you the click. Okay. So we’re at 54 right now. If we put this, we go down to 50. okay, but watch the relevance right here.

Okay in today’s, video, i’m, going to show you how to make money online by just watching videos. So, as you can see, this is in full, yellow. If i was just putting, if i got rid of buy, it would see those two keywords, but that’s, not the full exact match, keyword.

Okay, so you want to have the full keyword in your description and then you could say something like, and i’m going to be showing you the five best methods to do just that enjoy okay, so that’s kind of how I do my descriptions.

The first like three or four lines will show you can see right here. So if we paste this again, you can see it gets cut off at be so right here it gets cut off so that’s, nice. It will actually show you what you can see on youtube: okay, because that’s, how much they’ll, see before they click show more.

It’s called above the fold now for tags. This is where a lot of people screw up. These tags are probably taken directly from the top video, which is probably his. So these are not the best tags you want to make sure again.

You have your exact match. Keyword right here make money online by just watching videos. So what’s nice about morningfame? Is they show this for you so right? There make money online by just watching videos pay attention to the relevance here: 79.

86. 93. Right, like it’s, just going up and up and up okay. So these are all like related to our keyword, and then we don’t need. When there’s an x there, you don’t want those okay, so get rid of all the ones that are x, get rid of these zero percent ones.

That’s, just not how you want to do it. Okay, so now we’re at 566 out of 500, so we got ta get rid of a few, so we’ll, get rid of these lower ones. Um! We’ll, get rid of that one that one that one and that one and then i always add the name of my channel into it.

So we’ll, do moneyland and then watching videos, maybe that will fit now. We’re at 504. Okay, so get rid of that one money watching videos: 20. 20.. There we go so we got 495. We’re gonna just put 20 20.

and then that will put us to 500 because it puts a space. It just counts. Four, as five i don’t know why, but that’s, just how it works. Then you’re, going to want to go down here and hit save, and you can also put a pin comment, but i & # 39.

Ll show you more about that later, when i show you how to monetize okay. So this is pretty much our video planned out as far as the description tags title all that now before we move on to the next step, i want to mention that the way i found this video idea is super powerful, but i can only put so much Into this video it’s already getting long, and i don’t want to just like waste your time, but i also want to make sure it’s valuable.

So if you want more in-depth training from me, i have a complete program and this program is probably the most valuable thing out there. When it comes to the make money online industry and youtube it’s, super in-depth and it teaches you everything right now.

I have maybe a couple more modules left to do and then it’s going to be finished. Okay, so right now we’re still technically in beta, but it’s almost finished. So if you want to get in before, the price goes up and we’re out of beta and you want to be the last founding member go to hightickety.

com and you can apply and we’ll see if you’Re a good fit, but now let’s, get into step number five. So for step five, we’re, going to be creating the video. This consists of writing a script, recording editing and making a thumbnail and the first part of all that is, writing the script, but the nice thing about this is even if you’re, making a video, you have no knowledge on it.

‘s very simple, to kind of figure out a plan and script it out from the start. All you have to do is, for example, if we’re on mr money, and we’re, making a video about make money online by just watching videos.

What you would do is, you would just go to youtube and you would take make money online by just watching videos. Then you would just watch a few of these videos and pick the type of video if they’re about different things.

Pick the type of video that you like and that you want to do and just watch it very slowly and script it into different sections. Okay, so this is the way i do it and the most important thing is the intro okay.

So i kind of made up my own little template for intros sunny letter doozy. She has her own little template it’s called the hot script formula h-o-t, so it’s hook outcome testimonial! Okay! For me, i kind of do that in a way, but this is like the introduction for my video and if you don’t hook them in good at the intro, they’re not going to keep watching.

So this is the most important part. Okay, so what i do is i say i introduce myself. I say what’s, going on guys, thomas garrett’s here and then typically, what i do is i basically say what the title is and the reason you want to say what the title is.

What your search term is is because youtube actually listens to the video now and it helps you rank in seo in search. So i say, and in this video i’m, going to show you seven hand-picked youtube, video ideas to make you money without even showing your face.

Okay, so that’s, the video topic, and then i say i have like kind of a hook here right some people would say this is the hook because it’s telling people what they clicked on is what they & #. 39 re actually getting so it’s, not click bait right and then i say you’re going to want to watch the entire video, because the last video idea i show you is going to be the best plus i’m, showing you example channels that are currently making money with each video idea and then right here i explain slash hook further, so i just give them another reason to watch and then i say why they should watch until the end.

So i say, and if you stay until the end of this video, i’ll, show you a bonus method that can make you even more money online and then the last part, because you want your intros to be fast. So many people spend so much time on their intros, and sometimes you can, but typically you want them to be quick and get into the meat and potatoes of the video, because that will make people watch longer and that’s.

What helps your channel grow if people are watching longer, so then i say so if you & # 39, re excited make sure to smash that like button and let’s get into the video, so some people what they do is they’ll do the intro and then they & # 39.

Ll start the video and they’ll, be like hey, my name’s, yada yada. What i do on this channel is this, and if you want to see more of that kind of stuff make sure to like and subscribe okay, so there’s, many different ways to do it and you don’t have to do It the same way every time.

Okay, these are just different types of intros that i do and i test out. Okay, so that’s, kind of like the the template or the formula for the intro. But i want to show you like: if we’re gonna write a script for this video, i personally do it in google docs, okay.

The reason i do that is because then i can pull it up on my phone right here and read off of a script. So what you want to do is you want to do the intro right here? Okay, so you would do the intro like how i showed you and you can just model off of the other popular videos? Okay, so you do the intro and then what you’re going to want to do is, if you’re.

Doing this video, where there’s, five different channel ideas or methods like we did, it was the the five best methods. What we would do is we would have the intro and then we would do method number. One method number two method, number three method, number, four, okay, so we would write out the intro.

Then we would write out each method and we’d. Do it in sections and then you can also add talking points like method number. One would maybe be like uh a music channel, okay, and then this could be like you get the idea right.

So you would just make the key talking points and you would be modeling off of these popular videos, so it’s not like you have to come up with this stuff out of nowhere right. You would just be modeling off of what they do, but you don’t want to copy them word for word.

You want to model them and put it in your own words and use your own personality. Okay, so that’s. The easiest way to script is you just literally break it into sections and then break it into talking points and then script it out right, so it just makes it so much more simple and then what you can do is you can record it in each section.

Right so what i would do is, i would say, what’s, going on guys, moneyland back with another video, and today i’m, going to show you how to make money online by just watching videos. Let me bold these things, because those are our sections and you can also bold the talking points if you want, because that’s.

What i did even with this video, but the reason scripts are so important, especially when you’re starting out is because a lot of the time you’ll go off topic and that’s. When you lose people’s interests and you don’t want that, and i’ll.

Show you how to read the script when we’re on to recording, but obviously i’m not going to write out the whole script. I just want to kind of show you the method for doing it. So i’ll finish off this intro, so i’ll, also be showing you the five best methods to do just that, and if you stay until the end of this video, i’ll.

Show you a bonus method that can make you even more money online. Okay, so that’s that and then the last part we could say you could even do it. How i do so, if you’re, excited, make sure to smash the like button or you could say so.

If you & # 39, re ready to get started, make sure to smash the like button and subscribe, and you don’t. Have to say subscribe, i’ve found that a lot of the time i don’t ask them to subscribe and i get more subscribers, but it’s totally up to you how you want to do it again test Different things see what works it’s, all about just consistency and just practice that’s, really what it is.

So we could say, smash the like button and subscribe and let’s get into the video okay. So that’s, the intro it doesn’t have to be anything complicated and then sometimes what i do is once the video starts.

So i do a little black screen right here just for a second, but you don’t have to do that. A lot of people don’t. What i will say is don’t, do like uh. What are they called like? Intro videos like it’s like 10 seconds of like oh, i’m, so cool or whatever, that’s.

When a lot of people leave the video i used to use one of those and it sucks, so i don’t. Do that anymore. I just do like a little flash on the black screen and then i start the video and then sometimes i’ll, say all right so again in this video i’m gonna show you how to do, and then i just Repeat myself a little bit and then i’ll, say: okay, so for method number one i’m gonna show you how to do a music channel.

I don’t know what that has to do with this video. I was just making things up, but you get what i mean right. So i’ll show you that and then the last part is also very important, so the outro and then we could say something like.

But now, if you’re, not really a fan of any of these methods, and you want to check out my number one recommendation to make money online, you can click the first link in the description and get started today.

So and that’s, going to be how we monetize and that’s with something called affiliate marketing and if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is that’s, just where you’re? Promoting someone else’s product and you get paid a commission when someone purchases that’s.

What i do that’s? How i make the money like i make that’s, my biggest income stream literally, and the reason why i love affiliate marketing is because you don’t, have to deal with any of the customer support the selling any of that stuff.

So it’s, super super powerful and i’ll. Show you how to get your affiliate links, which is how you’re gonna make your money later on, so just make sure you keep watching, but that’s. The basic outline of scripting, a video – and i promise this is going to make a huge difference for your videos.

But now the next part is actually recording the video and, like i said, mr money and these type of make money online channels. They do tutorials where they’re screen, recording and macs and windows. Both have free methods to screen record like mac has what is it quicktime right? So if you have mac, you can use that and same with editing.

They have imovie as far as windows. It’s, not quite as good. They used to have an editor called windows movie maker, but they got rid of that. We do have an editor in the photos app and we do have a way to screen record.

I personally use camtasia to record and edit, but i told you i’d, give you the free methods, so windows does have a free method for screen. Recording and editing like i said, but the editor kind of sucks, so we’re, not going to use that, but as far as screen recording, if you want to you, can go right here and type in xbox and it’s actually Called xbox game bar okay, as you can see, this is actually for recording videos like video games.

While i was editing, i realized you can’t actually see it. So i took a screenshot of what it looks like and at the top left you can see that that’s, how you take a screenshot and then the third button is how you record, and the fourth button is how you turn on your microphone And then you go down to voice to choose your microphone and then, after you hit record the third button, it will record your screen and then i’ll, put up another screenshot of what that will look like, and then you just click the button On the right, if you haven’t turn on your voice and that’s, how you do that when it comes to microphones? This is where i would suggest spending at least 50 dollars.

If you can afford it, okay and i would get the blue snowball all right – this is a very popular microphone and it sounds very good and it’s, a usb microphone. So if you plug it into your computer, it’s already.

Synced with your audio, when you record with video, but again i said i would show you free methods. So there’s, a few different options, and just let me mention this – that audio is one of the most important things even more important than video, and you’re, not recording with video.

So just again, remember that but yeah. So if you do have a chance – and you can’t afford it right now make sure to upgrade your audio right away, but for the free methods, the first one, your laptop or computer, may have a built-in microphone which you could use number two.

You could just plug in your iphone headphones to your computer and those would work decent, not the best but decent and then the third option, which is the worst option. You could take your phone and then you could hold it up to your mouth.

While you’re recording the screen and you could just record a voice memo and use it that way, but that’s gonna be a little more difficult because then you got ta, you got ta, sync it up. Afterwards, it’s, just a lot of work.

Okay, now, when it comes to recording again like i was saying you could use that xbox thing, but in my opinion, if you’re using windows, i would go to something called obs studio. This is completely free.

This is what i personally use to live stream, but you can actually use it to just record okay, so i’m, going to show you quickly how to use this, because if you’re planning on doing this for real, i don’t suggest that xbox thing it’s, just kind of janky.

You know what i mean and obs is completely free. You just got to download it for windows or linux. I guess, if you have it, i already downloaded it. So i’m just gonna open it up, quick all right. So when you start yours it may look.

Obviously there’s gonna be nothing here, but it may look like this with studio mode, unclick, studio mode right here. Okay, you don’t wan na use studio mode, you’re gonna, have no scenes and no sources.

So the first thing you do is you go to the scene part right here? Let me make this bigger. Hopefully, you can see it so you go to scenes at the bottom left. You click add the plus button. We could call it whatever youtube test.

Okay, now you have youtube test right there. Now you make sure it’s clicked and you’re gonna hit plus on the sources. Okay and then what you’re gonna do is go to display capture okay, so this is youtube screen test.

Okay, you could call it whatever you want. Okay, so create new and then hit ok. Now you’re, going to click on this one. It’s, your screen, and then you could have it not show your cursor see you can’t see my cursor now, but now you can okay.

So if we minimize that you can see it’s, recording our actual screen all right, so you just hit okay and now that’s, our screen’s recording and we just hit start recording. Okay, you want to make sure your mic is actually working.

If you have an osb mic, a usb mic, i mean um, so all you would do is you would go to properties and then you would make sure your device is on your microphone. Okay and then that’s. How you do that so then it would be hooked up.

As you can see, my mic is working right here. So if i stop talking there, it goes okay, so that’s, how you record your mic and that’s? Why? Having a usb mic is so powerful and if it’s your first time using it, you may actually have to go into settings real, quick and go to audio and then choose your your mic right here.

But i don’t remember if you have to do it, otherwise you should probably just be able to go here and do properties and do it that way. So i just want to show you that quick just in case now, i will say for the intro that you record.

Sometimes, if you go watch the channels that i showed you sometimes they’re using what’s called b-roll footage which i’ll, put something up on the screen right now. It’s. Just when you’re talking about something, it shows a video clip that kind of like ties it together.

You know what i mean. So a lot of people use that when they’re not showing their face because it really helps keep people interested okay. So if you know – and you’ve been doing this for a while and you’re, not going to be showing anything in the intro and you want to use b-roll, you could just use literally your computer, you could just go to Voice recorder and just record your voice for the intro, but again you could just use this and record it and use the voice from this and not the video okay.

So i’m going to show you how to actually record real quick. So we’ll, go to our script right here. So all we’re going to do is we’re, going to click, start recording, okay and then, if you were actually using like video? What i do is i look down at this and i read it and then i look up so i’d, be like i would read it.

So it’s. What’s, going on guys money land back with another video? So i say what’s, going on guys moneyland back with another video, and i would stop okay, but don’t, look down right away, stop and then look down.

Obviously this doesn’t matter because you’re, not showing your face, so this is much easier, so we could just read it, but you want to make sure you’re, not just like what’s going On guys, moneyland back with another video – and today i’m.

You know, like don’t, be monotoned all right, so you want to make sure you actually sound decent.

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