How to Generate Passive Income From Your Travelogues Online?

Do you travel a lot? Do you love telling your stories to the audience? Do you know all your stories, photos and videos can make for you? Well, if you know how to wrap things properly and publish those stuffs on the right platform, you can generate decent from them. You can earn money just by being a full-time traveler and sharing the experiences with the audiences from all over the world. Here, you will explore the endless potentials of a good travelogue you’ve published on your personal blog. Let’s discover how you can prepare the system that generates you for the lifetime.

How to generate passive income sharing your travelling experience

If you already have a personal blog and some good content about different tourist destinations, tweaking a few things can let you start making money right away. If you don’t have one, but have something to share, it’s time to create your own travel blog and optimize things accordingly. Let’s discover the sources you can use for generating passive income online, even when you’re on a journey:

#1 Advertising revenue: This is the simplest method how you can make some money from your personal blog. If you have decent amount of content and audience, you can apply as a publisher and embed advertising units on your blog. You can also offer commercial space for advertising and sell those as ad units by yourself. The amount you’ll be making will depend on the visitors you have on the website.

#2 Affiliate deals: If you’re a full-time traveler, you can contact the travel deal websites and companies to tie up with them. There are several websites that work with special travel deals and share their revenues with the affiliates. Again, a decent blog that you update regularly can make a handsome amount once you’ve started generating unique visitors from the search engines.

#3 Souvenirs: As you’re moving across the world, you’ll definitely get a chance to visit some of the exotic places on earth. You can collect some souvenirs from these places and list them on your blog. You can sell those mementos to your audience. You can sell those directly or you can also pick a partnering marketplaces to help you with payment processing, shipping etc.

#4 Travel guides: You may be surprised to know, many travelers make their living just from the travel guides they’ve written. If you’re passionate about writing and a credible storyteller, there’s no other job on earth that can pay you more. Just create a manuscript, edit and retouch before publishing. You can sell the guide on your blog by yourself, or you can tie up with a publisher to earn royalties.

Earning passive income is a dream for many of us! If you can generate passive income being a traveler, it’s definitely the best thing on earth that could ever happen to you, isn’t it? If you’re serious about it, start preparing today. Hundreds of travelers are already making a lot of money from this.

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