How to Generate Leads Online in Less Time

Every person I speak with about making money online almost always has the same question that goes something like this: “how long will it take me to start making money?”. I really do understand why people ask this. With so much hype and fluff out there in internet land, it’s sometimes hard to see the diamond in the rough. Making money online will come down to one thing…HOW FAST YOU ARE ABLE TO GENERATE QUALITY LEADS.

When I first got started with internet marketing I had no clue what I was doing. I bought a bunch of books, read them then tried to apply the information. I got nowhere except frustrated and owed more money on my credit cards. I had very high expectations and when they weren’t met, I got overwhelmed and nearly quit. Then I started setting some realistic and attainable goals and these are the goals that ANY new internet marketer should have.

Additionally, any new marketer should only focus on ONE marketing method to begin with. There are so many ways to market it sometimes can get confusing on which direction a newbie should go. This is why I always promote newbies starting with forms of marketing. internet marketing takes longer but you will stay out of trouble and learn important marketing tactics that will only benefit you later down the road.

Bottom Line: Become Profitable by Building Your List!

Time management will be the biggest determining factor to how fast you build your list. You will need to develop a presence online before people start to find you.

Here’s the common scenario…

A ‘newbie’ online marketer with high hopes and intentions spends money on some ‘system’ that usually proves to be overly technical and they cannot grasp the concepts. They then seek out help on how to setup and use the system, which drains their bank account even more. Then after around 2 months into it they get throw their hands up in frustration and quit. They then think all the stories of people succeeding online is hog wash, or is a scam, or is bs…or that everyone is smarter than them or has good luck.

Here is the reality, time management will be the determinant to the rate of your success. If you do not manage your time wisely, you will get lost and eventually give up. Small consistent steps compounded over time will get you there quicker than long intense spurts of activity.

It took almost every successful internet marketer an average of 3-5 months of continuous content creation and internet marketing education before they acquired the skills necessary to get results (took me exactly that long before I began to see results). So begin with long term thinking and commit to small attainable goals.

Utilizing good time management will allow you to build an online presence systematically while also generating quality leads.

Here’s how you do it…

Effective Time Management Schedule for Generating Leads Online

25% time on marketing – These are revenue producing activities and can include writing articles, posting videos, using social media, blogging, etc.

10% time on learning -People usually get bogged down here. They think they have to ‘know everything’ before they start. I absolutely believe in increasing our knowledge but at some point you must apply that knowledge. And remember, some of the best lessons we learn are from mistakes we make along the way.

65% time on calling leads – Yes, at some point you actually have to pick up a phone and connect with other human beings. Don’t be overly focused on them joining your biz. Just connect, get to know them, find out what they need and after a while they’ll tell you everything you need to say to show them your business will solve their problems.

Contacting leads will be the most profitable activity you can do. Building an online presence that generates MLM leads is not something that happens overnight. It’s a long process but once it’s up and running, it will continue to bring in quality MLM leads on complete autopilot for a LONG time.

The other cool thing about calling leads is that you LEARN. You will get better and better at finding how to motivate people to take action. Think about how this will affect the content you produce as well. Your content will get much better and will also motivate the readers to take action. It’s a win-win for you and your business.

Here are some suggestions on calling leads:

-Start with your warm market. I have approached them with 5, that’s right FIVE different MLM opportunities. I don’t care what they think. I am sorting…and looking for people who are looking. Someone I talked to a year ago might not have been looking at the time. Now however, the timing may be right. Don’t pressure or use hype. Just look for lookers. We get so caught up with wanting to give all the facts that we verbally vomit all over our prospects. Advice: spend 1 minute on 100 people…not the other way around. Qualify them quickly to see if they are worth more of your time and don’t be attached to if they join.

-Learn MANY ways of generating leads. Yes this means offline as well. Meetup groups themed around people ‘wanting more’ out of life are great places to collect leads. Buzz around the room collecting cards and don’t talk too much about your business. Just gather numbers. Then contact them within 24 hours.

-Don’t be afraid of social media. Facebook, for example, can be an extremely powerful tool for lead generation. Check out my Facebook lead generation post for more info.

-Only rely on scripts in the beginning. This is a must. You must get comfortable talking to people but without a script to know exactly what to say you will be losing more people than necessary. I recommend a simple book of scripts anyone can use to help with contacting leads. Get your scripts here.

I am living proof that generating leads online works. Just remember that it wont happen overnight and internet marketing should never replace traditional mlm. Manage your time effectively and keep working in a diligent and consistent manner. I don’t care how much you’ve struggled (I sure know I have), discipline trumps talent so stay disciplined, consistent and persistent and you will have success in this industry.

Source by Garry Regier

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