How to End Unemployment – One Simple Solution for an Ongoing Problem

If you spend any amount of time watching the news it’s not hard to see that unemployment still continues to be high across the United States. Recent reports have shown that unemployment is still at 10% or higher in most states and when you factor in the amount of people in the United States who are no longer receiving unemployment, the statistics could be even higher.

What’s The Solution to Ending Unemployment?

The solution to unemployment is teaching more people how to start their own home based business.

Many people might have laughed at this idea but it’s a solution to the unemployment problem when the government still continues to throw money away on social services and not teach average people how to do anything else but be an employee. Worse yet, wealth creation isn’t a skill that’s taught in this day and age. Most middle class people who are the backbone of our society will never know true financial freedom because they never learned how to create wealth.

Once the average person finds a full time or part time job they will fall right back into the cycle of working for someone else and being at the mercy of the economy until the actually take the plunge and start their own home based

How Hard Is It To Start A Home Business?

Working from home is a lot easier than anyone thinks it is but the key to success with starting a home business is for a person to get involved with a business that they are going to love. This is easier said than done in this day and age because, many internet based income opportunities promote the money making aspect of the business when in reality the person who will be promoting it has no idea how the product can benefit them and they aren’t passionate when it comes to talking about the business that they are in.

Many famous entrepreneurs from Ross Perot to Richard Branson have said that you can’t get into business just to make money. You have to get involved with a home business because, it’s something that you love and you will enjoy talking about that business even when you’re not making money.

Passion pays off and it will translate into your sales presentations, emails that you type and any other type of online communication.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Home Business?

Starting a home based business in today’s world is actually a lot more affordable than anyone thinks it is. The average startup cost for a work from home business opportunity is around $500 and anyone can afford to make that investment in themselves if they are serious about their future and ending the cycle of being unemployed and working in low paying jobs.

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