How to Earn Free Prizes Online

People say that making online money is not worth it. They just say that because they’re to lazy to put in the effort in doing it. Some people making hundreds on online money making and they claim great prizes doing it. Here’s some great tips on achieving your money making goals.

There are so many ways on making money online. I recommend doing surveys. Surveys are so easy to do, just fill in the information and your done. One tip MAKE A FAKE EMAIL SO YOU DON’T GET ALL THOSE EMAILS OF THERE ADVERTISEMENT ITS JUST A WASTE OF SPACE!! For example: fill in everything normal but when it ask for a email put you fake email. There are thousands of surveys to do and companies pay you on doing them. Some surveys take time on doing them so BE PATIENT. Don’t just close it because its to long. Other surveys are so easy to do, they just ask a couple of questions.

Another way to get money fast is watching videos. If you want to get money fast just watch 30 second videos. They don’t pay as much but you make money fast. Also there’s some very long videos but they pay more. I like doing videos because I don’t have much time during the day and this way its fast and I’m getting paid for watching little videos.Some times if it’s a long video I just leave it there and I’m doing something else. For example I had to watch a thirteenth minute video so I just left it there and I went to go eat breakfast and when I got back “BAM” I got my fifty cents.

You can also sign up for things like magazines. Just make sure to use your fake email because if you don’t want these things they are going to send them to your fake email instead of your real one. I’ve done this a lot and it pays well and I never get those spam emails because I send it to my fake one. Also make sure you fill in the whole thing if not your not going to get your points.

A lot of offers ask for addresses… well don’t be alarm just use a real one but make sure it’s not yours because they might actually send you stuff and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want all that stuff coming in you mail.

A lot of people don’t now how to claim there prizes when they have enough points. Well it’s very simple just click the prize you want and there is going to be a button there that says “redeem prize” just click it and you got it! If it is like a gift card it would take 2-3 days to process and you’ll get a code for the card that you can use online. If it’s a game it would probably take a week or more to get it because of all the shipping process. So be patient don’t get mad or anything just wait a little while and you’ll get your item.

If you need any help just visit our website. It’s super easy to use and you’ll have no problem getting started on your money making success. Our website helps you in every aspect you need help on. If you have a question and the answer it not on our website feel to contact us and we will send you a response as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and I hope you sign up to start your money making success.

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