How Much Youtube PAID Us in 2021 | Even With a Super Small YouTube Channel

How much did YouTube pay us in 1 year? And what does it take to get YouTube to pay you? I reveal how much YouTube paid us in 2021 and how you can get paid too! Learn how to make passive income from YouTube like we do:

00:00 True or False?
00:60 Youtube Monetization requirements
00:56 Steps to get monetized
02:12 When we got monetized
02:57 How much YouTube paid us for first month
03:10 How much YouTube paid us for second month
03:15 How much we got paid in 2021
04:15 Our channel stats and numbers analytics
04:55 How much we made per video
05:35 Wrong and right way to get monetized

One simple YouTube channel strategy pays $200 – $500 a month:

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