HostGator Black Friday Sale! I Bought 2nd Package from Them Too!

I’ve been with HostGator (web hosting company) for more than 10 years now! That says all! 🙂 Today I couldn’t resist buying already 2nd web hosting from them – seeing the price is just $3.48/month! (I paid for 3 years ahead).

The good thing besides their prices is that their web hosting is:


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  • HostGator is reliable
  • you can have unlimited domains
  • you can have unlimited traffic
  • and almost unlimited web space!

They have great and professional support and if you’re used to see warnings like “Your account reached allowed daily CPU seconds”, “Your account has been limited”, “Your account has been suspended”, “Your domain is limited due to overage”, etc… you better take on HostGator – because I saw none of the warnings over the period of more than 10 years!!

My sites are fast loading and running without any issues. I have installed WordPress on all of them with no problems at all.

If you’re thinking about getting some good priced and reliable web hosting – HostGator won’t disappoint! Better get the web hosting today and save!


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