Horrible Customer Treatment: Avoid Brett Rutecky

I was a fan of Brett Rutecky products before.. now after my last experience – I’m not anymore! Let me tell you how he treated me – as a long time customer – I was really shocked! I’ve been marketing online for more than 15 years.. and never experienced such arrogant replies and/or sarcasm ever!

The guy may have the best products – but if you’re in trouble or have any issues with his software – better do NOT contact him or you may experience something similar…

So let’s start with his latest My Super Funnel product – which seemed really good at first sight.


The system will allow anyone who’s got his a JVZoo affiliate (it’s free to sign up at JVzoo) inserted into My Super Funnel to automatically promote Brett’s products for 100% commissions. It’s done by sending email follow-ups from his system to the leads you send to the product / lead magnets from My Super Funnel.

Here’s how it works in more details:

After you’re logged in, just enter your JVzoo ID into the system… the super funnels gets you the LEAD MAGNET URL’s  which are basically the URLs to some free gifts/plugins encoded with your super funnel IDs….

Mine for example was (“was” because now I’m blocked) this:


the “45” is my My Super Funnel ID.

Now when I send my subscribers to the link above, it should be tracked with my unique ID (45). Now when the system sends the follow-up messages it should contain a link to another but PAID product of Brett’s … and I should be credited with the commission if customer buys… right?

Does it work? Not all all!

I signed up the lead magnet’s URL with my test email account…and received the follow-up message to buy Link Master through this link:


The problem is that this link does NOT include my JVZoo id, instead each time you refresh the URL – it shows different affiliate ID! So it’s not my JVzoo id, but someone else’s!

You can try it yourself…. for example:


See the aid from the screenshot above where the red arrow points.. it’s 733043 and not 180 (which is mine!)… .now when you click the Buy Now button you’ll see even the name of the JVzoo affiliate (sure, it’s not me!)


There’s no way I’ll be credited for the sale! You see in this example I’m not the one who referred the customer! If Brett is right and he can override this information with some hacking stuff working with IP addresses – I don’t think JVZoo would allow it!

I recorded this video how “his system works” – like it rotated different jVZOO ids:

I tried to explain the results of my test of this “My Super Funnel” to Brett – but as you’ll see below he goes from sarcasm to ignorance and treated me like “shit” – sorry for the expression!

I’ve bought many of his products and nobody should be treated like this! This is a perfect example how the customer service SHOULD NOT work and how to NOT TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Perhaps, he would do better if he reads something from this page, because I can’t thick any of these for his “service” or better disservice.

Here’s what I sent to his “customer service”:

Hey Brett,
I’m signed up to your My Super Funnel with email mkrajcovic@gmail.com and JVzoo id: 180.
I signed up with my test email to lead magnets URLs and just now received 1st funnel message, but it’s not connected to my id from the
super funnels…. it’s just a generic URL that rotates affiliate links. See the message how I got it to my test email:
Hey guys Brett here,
I wanted to let you know about a dirty secret that goes in the IM world.
Often people looking to start a business online turn to
affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages,
you don’t need a product, you don’t need support, just send traffic
and get paid. It can be quite profitable as well.
However every day product vendors take affiliates #1 asset.
Even worse they do it without paying the affiliate a singe dime in
compensation. Click the link below to see how they do it, and to
check out the WordPress plugin that stops it in its tracks.
Thank you and enjoy,


Will you take a look and fix that so the emails are connected to my account at My Super Funnel?
His response:
See, I’m trying to explain what I discovered.. or ask for an explanation or fix from Brett.
Now his response:
BTW, I did watch the video tutorial…
Yes, I double, triple.. etc. checked who is on the checkout page, you can above in my post who referred the customer – it’s everybody else BUT not me!
At this time I thought I’ll give him all the details that are thought make sense.. here they are:
But I almost fell of the chair when I got his “perfect” and “customer friendly” and “professional” response to his customer:
So now I’m so stupid I don’t know how JVZoo works (and yet sell on this platform as a seller and affiliate as well)…and I’m being that arrogant person myself? Yes, I don’t do much on JVzoo, but I sold something “though I don’t know how the JVzoo really works” see below:


I’m the person who tried to get explanation and is really concerned where he is sending his customers and subscribers? I don’t wish anybody to be treated like that!


He did ban me… removed my account, etc…


Just to let you know I bought lots of Brett’s product, I got some of his products as a bonus for me to buying through his link! And I got access to the “My Super Funnel” because I bought through his link to get it! See the proof below:
This is unbelievable: customer (me) asks for product support and gets his account locked and his affiliate ID banned and blocked from further purchases and bonuses!!!


Please, please think about it when deciding if you buy Brett Rutecky products. Again, some of them may work as expected, and can be great (I bought them myself) but the SUPPORT CAN BE THIS HORRIBLE!


I had this bad feeling about Brett sooner when I read some of his responses on FB or even my previous support questions.. but at the end I always thought his products are great so his customer service must be great too! MISTAKE.


He treats his customers like.. they’re totally stupid. Where is this person’s gratitude and respect??? Yo wont’ find it in his emails, responses, etc…


BTW, I’m not the first one who has such a horrible experience with his “customer service”, here’s a page you need to read before you get anything from him.


Just thought I’ll share this with you…



Do you know what happened to the 30+ leads that sign up for HIS FREE GIFT he setup in his system to automatically send emails to? He just got the leads for free and he promotes his products to them for free! Since I’m banned from his affiliate program – even if my JVZoo id rotates and is “selected” as affiliate link to his product – I get nothing, of course!

Now when you imagine how many people are misled and scammed by his “super funnel system”.. only to find out they’ll never earn commissions (or a lot less commissions in case their JVzoo id is choosen)… but they freely gave their subscribers’s details…as free leads…. I have no words for that! STAY AWAY!

Update 2:

It seems like he continues with scamming people… I really wonder why JVZoo supports scam-artists like him! 🙁

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About the Author: Marian

I've been successfully marketing on the internet for more than 15 years. Having sold hundreds of affiliate ebooks and software products - and also created and launched many products of my own. See the latest here!


  1. WOW! Marian, I can honestly tell you that you are not the only to have had this experience with Rutecky. I, too was a long-time customer and had promoted several of his products as an affiliate.

    Last year, I was launching a new product, and wanted to reach out to see if he would be interested in promoting for me. I tried emailing and got no response, and finally sent an email to his support desk. It was a very nice email, with a link to the product for review. In the email, I also identified myself as a long-time customer, and affiliate.

    I received a response that floored me! He said that it would be a cold day in hell before he would ever promote my products, and that I was banned as both a customer an affiliate! I was stunned, to say the least. I immediately responded, thinking that he had confused me with someone else and his response was that he knew exactly who I was, and that he was banning me because I a0 had spammed his support desk (I sent 1 email !) and b) that I was so egotistical to think that he was ‘obligated’ to reciprocate anything simply because I was customer and affiliate.

    YIKES!!! I won’t copy the full email here but it was a vicious and uncalled for response to a simple business email.

    And after that – there was no need to ban me from anything because I would never promote or buy anything from him again. I don’t care how much money you make or how successful you may be – there is still such a thing as having respect for others.

    1. Thanks Melody for your comment! I’ve NEVER received such naughty and arrogant response from anyone else! Me being a long time customer too – just as I said, was shocked when reading his response. Unbelievable. And his conclusion to cancel and ban me as his affiliate for all future products – I really think he’s got some serious health issues. Instead of thanking me… where this IM world came to.. I don’t know.

      Thanks again for your comment, I have a feeling there are much more people that were treated like this….

  2. .. and one more thing – I don’t care if he made (makes) millions online – this is unacceptable customer service that makes me not to want or touch ANYTHING he releases ever!

  3. Seems like many of the longest staying and most successful vendors are pretty horrible at customer service. Their arrogance baffles me but perhaps this is the way they’ve been trained in some private IM Circle on how to respond once the proverbial jig is up!

    Kind of gives new definition to the old saying about never meeting your heroes.

  4. Hey Marian,

    I am so sorry that you are having to deal with Brett. He has a reputation of being an ass. I had some dealings with him and Mike from Maine when they were working together. It didn’t take long for me to know his reputation does precede him! I have some of his products that I don’t use or like. I was not impressed with his software. So I stopped dealing with him altogether. Mike from Maine is not working with him anymore, as it was quite a while ago. I have learned over the years there are people that are just not worth messing with and Brett is one of them.

    Marian you are such a nice guy, I enjoy all your emails and all the gifts so very much! When you are trying to break into internet marketing it is great to have you there to help the newbies, like me. Your great attitude and kindness shines through! Just know that you are appreciated!

    Denese Wright

    1. Thanks a lot Denese for your kind words! 🙂

      It really means a lot to me!

      I’ll try my best to share my experiences with such great subscribers & customers like you.

      I’ve bought hundreds of products myself – so there’s so much to share 🙂

      Thanks again and all the best to you!

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