Glitched Review by Jason Fulton ⚠️⚠️ $1,032 Later…Do You Really Need Glitched For Your Website?

In this Review by Jason Fulton, I will give you a real and honest demo. Start your affiliate marketing business in as little as 60 minutes.

Build A Profit Ready Business In 7 Days Or Less

Watch this Review if you want to learn:

00:00 Glitched Promises
01:23 Inside Glitched Dashboard
02:10 Creating a Site with Glitched
02:60 Choosing Categories & Videos
03:26 Monetizing Your Site
03:56 Banner/Sidebar Ads
04:21 Site Made with Glitched
05:06 Glitched Graphic Builder
05:19 Free Alternative
05:48 Glitched “Traffic” Option #1
06:31 Glitched “Traffic” Option #2
06:52 Glitched “Traffic” Option #3
07:07 Google Terms Regarding Content You Don’t Own
08:05 Glitched Strategy
08:33 Problems With Glitched
08:50 Ranking On Google
09:00 DFY Site Made with Glitched
09:59 OTOs & Pricing + Total Cost of Glitched

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  1. This is not a Glitch it's a Copyright Lawsuit waiting to happen. Buyers are the Glitch they're banking on!

    This product is a law suit waiting to happen. Don't buy in and be part of it. This products is not a google glitch its a product that show you how to create and monetize a cloned "news site" by scraping other peoples content from youtube. It puts you at risk for infringement of copy. An extremely costly circumstance to find your self in against major news agencies when your just a person that was sold dreams and can't afford to fight the lawyers of a big agency like ABC.

    15 years of experience in Digital Marketing has taught me that Copyright lawyers are no joke, most of the time they were infringed on at some point in their professional careers when there weren't many laws to protect creators from infringement, and that fueled them in their fight for others that were infringed upon. They do not care if you're about to lose your home, spouse or life, you will pay for the damages done from stealing their clients property. Your problems are not their problem. You should know better and have due diligence when using content that is not yours. I have obviously had experience so trust me when I say you 99% of the time will lose the case.

    With the fight for original content to be preserved and AI there is no grace anymore. Society has abused that with the blind harvesting oof content and reuse without originator credit. Creators are vigilant to protect their assets like never before. Sorry I can go on…

    But back to the product, here are more reasons to not buy it.

    1. Its and inconvenient process that from email purchase to set up is absurd, I should have known better. But I got hooked from all the looping and "clocks running down" which they never do run down. From step one to done, whole package cost you over $1000 with all the add on pitches with dont wait, act now!

    2. It requires multiple accounts being set up.

    3. They say it doesn't require an affiliate account or marketing but thats not true. This product requires you to attach your affiliate links to your spun up website in order to monetize it.

    4. It also requires you to purchase a domain name for your cloned unbrandable "generic site" that is supposed to compete with cnn and abcnews in search results so that it your monetized ads get clicked.

    5. You make money from adds you build yourself that are used to monetize the videos and the site you will be scraping news videos from across the internet.

    6. You have to drive your own traffic to the site and people should want to click and buy your affiliate product.

    7. It requires SEO strategy to rank and market your "glitched site".

    8. Warrior plus handles nothing regarding your purchase. Vendor resources and information is no where easy to find and there are no FAQ's on glitched products on the vendor contact page or and direction on how to get a refund.

    If you buy in mark my words "the glitch is you, the guy/gal just wanting to get ahead" the get rich quick industry is on fire this year. I'm a marketer and SEO for more than 15 years now, I never would've bought something like this but theres more and more people needing to find a way to get ahead so they're trying their luck. The wolves are feeding on your struggle. This product is a wold in sheeps clothing. Don't buyin.

  2. I Should Have Seen Your Review Before I Purchased That xxxxxx Glitched!…..I Haven't Even Been Able To Log In…. There's Always A " 500 Server Error "🙄….This Is The Most Honest Review On Glitched! Thank You🙏

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