Fully Secured WP Site Hacked in Seconds!

If you’re using WordPress then this could easily be one of the most important emails you ever read!

You see, while WordPress is awesome for anyone to quickly and easily create stunning websites, it is also hugely vulnerable to costly, reputation-destroying hacks!


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Even if you’re using all the latest security plugins.

See how even a fully protected WordPress site can be hacked in seconds and how to easily stop those hacks cold! (see this)

“…Michael knows WP Security like the back of his hand… this plugin ELIMINATES the need for other paid solutions and adds protections other security plugins simply don’t have… if you have a WordPress site… this is a ‘must have’…”

It’s a scary time in WordPress security… especially when you realize that there are literally thousands of exploits freely available for hackers to download. In fact, WordPress hacks have increased by 33% in 2016 alone!

Just one exploited vulnerability can cost you BIG time!

Your reputation can be ruined and your site blacklisted and your hard won SEO rankings will drop like a stone. Your site can be unavailable for collecting emails and selling products, getting your site cleaned and back up can cost you valuable time and thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, wizard programmer Michael has come up with a powerful WordPress plugin which will auto-detect and block exploits – the cause of 92-95 percent of WordPress hacks.

In just two clicks and without slowing your site down!

This robust, proven plugin has had powerful new features added since its release in 2015 with over 500 hours spent on development.

Get your hands on this essential WordPress plugin for a greatly reduced price during this limited launch special.

Check it out here!

In addition to protecting your WordPress sites you’ll be able to add a valuable, highly compensated service with the developer rights offer after picking up the front end. Discover the plugin no WordPress owner can afford to be without!


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