Forget The Lazee Profitz Scam! Here’s Something Better!

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If you’ve not read about my findings on Lazee Profitz being a total scam and rip-off product – read this post.

Now more than 2,000+ people were ripped of and as I see it still has a refund rate of 2% – so not many people realized it’s a scam, and a few just asked for a refund! I had to file a PayPal dispute – which I, of course, won!

To make a story short, the site promotes Mosh and Fulton’s products BUT without your affiliate link! So when you promote your “lazee profitz” site with all the reviews that are up on the site – when your visitors click the links to the reviewed products – you’ll earn NOTHING. ZERO. NADA!

Luckily I found similar but much better product! It’s called Affilisites PRO. I don’t know why it’s called PRO – I think it’s more intended for newbies and not pros 🙂

The most important difference between these 2 products Lazze Profitz and Affilisites is that you can actually insert YOUR AFFILIATE LINK into the reviews in Affilisites!

So when people buy the recommended product after reading “your” review – you’ll be credited for the sales and YOU will earn commissions!

That’s the most important thing!

Also, you’re provided with pre-set bonus download links – you’ll add the links to the bonus section of your affiliate link at WarriorPlus. It’s easy to do and easy to follow.

I got a review access to Affilisites so that I can test it for you!

Here’s how the site looks like:


(this is the URL at the time of writing this)

Since I’m an experienced marketer – I would appreciate more customization, more settings, etc… and the only thing that I don’t like is that you again will be promoting your site that sits on a domain you don’t own yourself! But that’s the price of not-needing your own domain and hosting I guess.

For beginners/newbies this is a great product. But don’t expect you’ll start earning without any other work on your part! You still need to bring TRAFFIC, be it from social media, solo ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads., etc…

If that’s something you can work with, get Affilisites.


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