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To Find a Domain is simple…

Global Domain International was founded by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir. The program they created is for anyone who wants or have the desire to start an online business. This company provides professional Web Hosting along with Domain Names. Both Reed and Ezeir recognized an opportunity and came up with a brilliant plan to sell their own Web hosting Service. GDI is one of the fastest growing companies and it’s an authorized company for belongs to the island nation of Samoa) domain names. In 2002, it was #37 of the USA’s 500 fastest growing private companies and #5 in the state of California.

Currently, there are more than 80 million dot com domains, and over 100 million total domains registered worldwide. Industry experts predict that more than 500 million will be registered in the next ten years. With the rapid success, it’s now more common to see a name ending in ws, so more names will be available to start your own website.

Not only does GDI provide a quality product with unlimited support, it also gives you a money making opportunity thats by far one of the best programs online right now. I guarantee if you research which I have already done for you, you will see and hear all the great testimonies from GDI’s users.

How you get paid is simple. For every person that signs up for web hosting through your link from GDI(which is called a referral), you will earn a commission and will continue to do so for the entire time that person remains a customer. This is ongoing as well so the same rule applies for your referrals. This has opened up opportunities for people to have a better chance at finding a good domain name that’s available as well as giving people the opportunity to earn money at the same time.

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