Earn Money Online – 5 + 1 Important ‘Be’ Steps

What a great opportunity. “Earn money online fast. USD1000 per weeks doing nothing”. “Be a millionaire by year end”. You’ve got it right. It is all over the internet. Everyone could be rich once jumps into internet business. Well the truth it is all just hype.

Actually why you see it all over the place is because when internet business is started booming everyone want share of its wealth. So when there is demand there is supply. Without any preparation and enough knowledge most of them just went along with all the marketing strategy that is handed to them in a silver platter.

Sadly after a few months starting on these new adventures one by one came out blaming others that all is just pure hype or scam. It could be true because it is believed that only 5% of internet marketers earn money online profitably while the rest just being bulldozer by their competitor.

The truth is internet is really a very competitive environment but people do earn money online. In fact you can generate flowing money to your bank account if you know how and willing to take the necessary steps to achieve it. So let see what are those steps.

1. You have to realize how internet business is being running. It is not like offline business where everyone knows who they are dealing with. Internet world involves people from all over the world with differences in culture, religion, background and environment. Therefore it takes time before we know those people. So to earn money online be patient.

2. Survival is a tough thing to do when we are living in materialistic world. Therefore people will always take advantage of others whenever they have the chance when it comes to money. So to earn money online beware.

3. Knowledge is perceived by what we say and write. Therefore people will always exaggerate things for their benefit. So to earn money online be careful.

4. Money and power is so hard to get. Therefore successful people will always find successful people to get bonded when there is a threat of going down in order to gain back advantage over others or to strengthen their position at the top. So to earn money online be cautious.

5. Money and power is so hard to let go. Therefore people with money will take down others when their business is hurting. So to earn money online be alert.

So there you have it 5 ‘be’ steps. It is sad. But what can I say. That is what our world is all about. Human beings have been wandering all over the earth since thousand and thousand of years ago and the pattern of human behavior will never change until our world cannot tolerate with us anymore. And when the time comes something will stop it all together for good.

What about the ‘+ 1’ thing? Well the ‘+ 1’ thing will somehow comfort our world and make our internet world a pleasing place to hang out and do business. So what? Well here it goes. Whoever they are you are dealing with take your time before spending your money with them to make money. Only good relationship will sometime help and will somehow deter people from take advantage of others. So to earn money online be friendly.

Source by Redzuan Adnan

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