E-Currency Exchange: 4 Great Income Streams and Counting

This article provides a brief overview of the 4 sources of income we can take advantage of as a participant in the e-currency exchange trading system.

Specifically, I am referring to the e-currency exchange program through DXinOne. DXinOne is by far the leader in facilitating e-currency conversions. The fees charged to account for these transactions is how DXinOne makes money. They are in essence a clearing house.

So how do I make money in this? The first and most important income source is the Portfolio. The first thing you will want to do is open an account and start building a portfolio. It does not cost anything to open an account. Fund the account with as little as $25 and start building your portfolio. As you progress you will be able to use leverage to increase the overall value of the portfolio. It is not uncommon to see portfolio growth of 20 to 40% per month. This is accomplished by combining the daily profits and the leverage to add to your portfolio. The average daily profits on your portfolio will range from about .15% to .35% depending on the supply and demand in the system.

The second source of income in the e-currency exchange program is to become qualified as a Merchant. Don’t get excited, you aren’t selling anything. Merchant is just a term given to signify those that have qualified to participate in the actual e-currency exchange process. Thousands of times each day there exists the need to convert from one e-currency to another or e-currency to hard cash etc. This is where the Merchants come in. The Merchants receive a fee of 4 to 14% for making funds available to make these conversion transactions possible. To qualify as a Merchant you must have a portfolio value of at least $5,000 and you have had a DXinOne account for at least 90 days.

The third source of income is the P4 Program (Pre-Paid Profits Program). This program provides non merchants the ability to earn a per transaction fee for exchanging with active merchants. Merchants need liquidity to perform their functions and are willing to pay a fee for this liquidity. The fee paid to the non merchant ranges from 5 to 7% of the transaction. Caution: I have seen a lot of advertising boasting the P4 Program as “Huge instant profits” and “You get paid first” etc. Unfortunately, you do not have the whole picture. The rest of the picture is 2 part. The first is, when you have completed a transaction you will have to exchange those funds in order to do anything with them. This exchange will cost you upwards of 3%, so the real returns are cut in half or so. The second part of the picture is the reality of the time required to perform the e-currency exchange process. As of the writing of this article the process is extraordinarily long. Expect the process to take 2 weeks or longer depending on how the system is flowing and how much you are trying to exchange. So maybe the truth is 2 to 4% return every 3 weeks. Still not too bad for passive income.

The fourth source of income is for webmasters. This is called the AdsExposed Program where advertising is placed on your website. You will receive pay per click revenue from those ads.

So now you have the 4 sources of income currently being offered by DXinOne. The great thing is DXinOne is a progressive organization. They have many other programs and services in the works that will be launched as time goes by.

Source by Merv Thompson

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