Do NOT Buy Anything from Ken Reno!

You can save quite a good headache! I ordered Spooky Solo Ad Sale 2018 – 100 Clicks DOUBLED which is still on sale by the way! After waiting for the campaign to start – and assuring me that he will run it on Oct 15, 2018… I waited and waited.

Ken Reno Scam! Beware!

Ken Reno Scam! Beware!


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I sent this guy numerous emails and contacted him on different emails address – and got no response at all! I even opened a PayPal dispute and suddenly he responds to the dispute and promised me even more than 200 clicks to my solo ad!

Read my email conversation here!

And guess what?

I got absolutely nothing, no clicks and no response!! So Ken Reno basically ripped me off!

Me being a good guy and I believed he’ll do exactly as promised I closed the PayPal dispute preventing me to open it second time and I mage a huge mistake!

Don’t be like me – and NEVER do a business with Ken Reno! You will be RIPPED OFF!

I can’t reopen PayPal dispute, I was trying to get help from JVzoo – but they didn’t help and all I can do is to warn you, my dear reader and subscriber!

The sad thing is that Ken Reno still sells through JVZoo and offers even higher priced “ripp off” services to this day! How unbelievable and sick is this! Beware!


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