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Ahh… everybody loves the sound of the word, “Free!”

In this case, free traffic means that you’re not spending money on paid advertising. However, it’s not entirely free, since almost all methods of free traffic require an investment of your time. Since time is money, you’re paying for it even if not a cent leaves your pocket.

Now that we’ve established that time is currency, you’ll realize that to drive ‘free’ traffic, you’ll need to get the most mileage from your efforts. Below, you’ll find a few free methods to drive traffic .

These have been proven to work and yield excellent results. Do note that when trying out any traffic generation method, it’s best to stick with it until you see results. Pick one method, focus on it and go all out.

Do not spread your efforts over several different methods. Your results will be sporadic and elusive if you take this approach.

* Social media platforms

Social media platforms are excellent places to siphon traffic from. Basically, you’ll be trying to leverage these sites to drive traffic to your own blog.

If you’re using YouTube, your videos and channel will have links in the description pointing curious viewers to your blog.

If you’re using Pinterest, the images will be linked to your blog posts or landing page.

If you’re using Facebook groups/pages, you’ll have posts and links pointing back to your blog.

You’ll get the idea by now. You’ll have several links pointing back to your blog to get curious readers/visitors on to your own web property. Ideally, you should have a landing page with an attractive and valuable giveaway product that they can download/watch after they’ve signed up to be on your list.

Build a profile for your blog on the different social media platforms and tap into the massive amounts of traffic there. Once again, pick just one social media platform and focus on it.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a HUGE topic in the make money online niche. Getting ranked organically for highly searched keywords is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. The bugbear here is that SEO takes time and you must have a solid knowledge of it.

Do your keyword research thoroughly and focus on ranking for the easier ‘lower hanging fruit’ keywords. Then you can move on to the more difficult keywords and try ranking for those.

You’ll need to know on-page optimization… and also off-page optimization such as how to build external links and so on. Study SEO well and apply it. It’s a wonderful way to generate free traffic.

* Guest posting

This is a method where you create unique content that you’ll give away for free to a relevant site in your niche. You’ll need to approach the site owners with your offer and all you’ll ask for in return is for a backlink to your blog.

You’ll want to pick a site that’s popular, but NOT inundated with posts daily. One or two posts a day is fine. This will give visitors time to read your guest post and check out your blog. If there are too many new posts constantly appearing on the site, your guest post will be drowned out.

* Email marketing

Use a software like Thrive Leads to create sticky banners, scroll mats, pop ups, etc. to capture the email addresses of visitors to your blog. Once they’re on your list, you can email them whenever you have a new blog post and this will drive traffic to your blog.

* Exceptional content

They often say that content is king. The truth is that GOOD content is what matters. The content on your blog should be informative, entertaining and memorable.

Use catchy titles and headlines. Have internal links in your blog posts so that you increase the ‘stickiness’ of your blog and readers keep clicking on links to learn more from you. This will reduce the bounce rate of your blog and is a good sign to Google that your site is ‘worthy’.

Posting content on a consistent basis will ensure that your blog is fresh and readers always have something new to look forward to. This will encourage repeat visits.

While these pointers are not directly linked to driving traffic, they’re crucial to building your reputation and making you look like an authority in your niche. When you appear to be a serious player in the scene, your blog’s reputation will drive its own traffic.

Now that you know a few ways to drive traffic to your site, you just need to apply them. There are bloggers who have built a six figure income just by driving traffic from Pinterest to their site.

This is just one platform. Now imagine if you had several working for you. The possibilities are endless. Choose one method and get started with it as soon as you can. Then move on to the next… and the next… and the next.

That’s free traffic generation in a nutshell.

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