Creating Residual Income With Affiliate Marketing

It is very well known that is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started making money from a home based business of your own.

There is no need for research, development, customer service, shipping, or anything else most businesses have to do because these are done by the products creator. You, as the affiliate only have to do the marketing. And, in many cases the merchant will even provide marketing materials and resources for you.

can be great for fast profits, but what about long term residual income?

Think about it for a minute… You as the affiliate do a lot of work getting interested prospects to the product sales page through your affiliate link and hope the prospect buys so you get the commissions.

But what happens after that?

You must then repeat the process all over again to get more affiliate sales and make more money. All of this work is done again and again for every sale to get your commission.

This can be quite expensive depending on how much it is costing you to get the leads to the sales page and the conversion ratio of that sales page.

With that in mind, what can you as an affiliate do to increase your return on investment for leads and qualified prospects, and make more money in the long run?

Here are two very good things you can do:

First, as an affiliate marketer in any niche you should set up your own lead capture page to build your own list of targeted prospects.

This can be done simply by using an autoresponder where visitors will put in their names and email addresses to receive information from you. Give away a report or a review of the product as an enticement for visitors so they will opt-in to your list.

Your autoresponder should be set up with 7 to 10 follow-up messages outlining the benefits and giving more information on the product you are promoting. There should also be some other value in your follow-up so people want to stay on your list.

When you have your own list you can send endorsements of other related products every once in a while so you can continue to make money from the prospects you worked so hard to get. This is much more profitable than just sending them to the affiliate product sales page once, hoping they buy and then they are gone.

The second way to create residual income as an affiliate marketer is to promote affiliate products or services in your niche that have recurring monthly charges.

A truly awesome way to maximize your earnings is by gaining residual, or recurring, income instead of a one time sale.

Think about it, you are already spending your time and resources promoting products to make money as an affiliate marketer, so why not promote something that will give you residual income? You do the work once and get paid over and over again from it.

Promoting membership sites, network marketing programs, web hosting or other services that require the customer to pay monthly is a great way to build residual income for yourself. Ideally these are what you, as an affiliate marketer, should be looking to promote.

That’s all there is to it. is a great way to start your own home based business and make money online. It’s even better when you create long-term residual income from it! However, you can’t make money if you don’t take action so go get started as an affiliate marketer right now!

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