ClickBank or JVZoo for Affiliate Marketing?

Picking an affiliate network could be keeping some people standing in their tracks online. Which affiliate network will get your vote of the best foot forward on the web? Will it be ClickBank or JVZoo?

The name ClickBank is already pretty well known to people that want to earn income in the field of . The simple routine of ClickBank being the easy way to get started online is kind of like a second thought. It has been around online for a while and people are comfortable using it on the web.

and getting online with ClickBank URLs is like putting on the training wheels for online business. The other option that people immediately choose is Google AdSense. There are lots of products in the marketplace and it doesn’t take long to get started. These are all positive points when people are looking into choosing an option to join.

Rejection is another reason to look toward the old and trusty ClickBank. The chance to log in and get going without jumping through the stop signs of approvals is another positive point. Who wants to be ready mentally, but then get turned down for promoting offers? Some people might decide to stop working in affiliate marketing if they are have a problem getting access to the products. The point of getting started without extra approvals makes ClickBank a good choice for many beginners in the marketing online game.

The affiliate network marketing space is always open to new players. Enter the JVZoo affiliate marketing network into the online mix of players. What makes JVZoo different? One of the issues for affiliates is commission payments delays. Instant online affiliate payment programs are coming into the affiliate marketing space and JVZoo is one option.

A positive point for the newer programs could be the user interface. The ClickBank website dashboard design is dated. The JVZoo cleaner dashboard and user interface are easy on the eyes. One of the first things that greet the JVZoo affiliates is the stats page.

The ClickBank system has their own set of stats with their own terminology. Do you really understand ClickBank gravity? With JVZoo, the simple interface and reporting is pretty straight forward.

Online marketers want to earn money and they would love to after JVZoo instant payments instead of waiting long periods of time to get their checks. The prospects of an instant payment might tip the scales for new affiliates when choosing a marketing partner network.

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