Change of Platform: Brett Rutecky’s My Super Funnel SCAM!

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This scammer, Brett Rutecky, just changed his payment processor from JVzoo to – after I contacted JVzoo to not allow selling his super scammy sales funnel.

Check this out:


For those of you who didn’t read my previous post (click here), here’s the basics of his latest scam:

  1. you sign up for his “super” funnel
  2. you’ll get your branded links to offer some of his free products for the exchange of email address
  3. then your leads that are now part of the super funnel system are getting emails promoting other PAID products from Brett Rutecky

… so far so good ONLY IF

these new leads that signed up for the free gifts are NEVER presented with YOUR affiliate link, so you WON’T earn any commissions from HIS paid products! How can you earn commissions when the affiliate links presented to your leads from the super funnel system are NOT YOURS?!

Unbelievable scam it is!

I checked the links that this system sends… and it rotates DIFFERENT AFFILIATE IDs each time the sales page with his paid products is refreshed!

This scam-artist is so arrogant he told me I have no idea how JVzoo works! Now he doesn’t use JVzoo himself… sigh.

The “best thing” he sends MY leads HIS products – and I earn nothing if they buy. And he, of course, keeps the leads in HIS SYSTEM for whatever time he wants! He literally got FREE LEADS and I even paid him for that!

If you signed up for his Super Funnel System – I recommend you DON’T SEND any of your subscribers and ASK FOR IMMEDIATE REFUND!


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