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So you’ve got a blog…and you’ve got some posts and content on there… but you’re not making any commissions, profit or income yet!

You know that you need to add some sort of monetization… something that actually works…and using high commission affiliate programs is the way to go but now you’re faced with a massive task:

You need to research a relevant offer for each page and post of content have then you need to grab the affiliate link, find the post or page for it, and open it up to edit it then you’re going to have to go through all that content to add the affiliate links to the relevant keywords, finding them in the text, editing them and adding the new link…and you need to do this several times for each post you have!

Let’s say it takes just 5 minutes per post…

if you’ve got just a dozen posts on your blog that’s an hours work!

If you’ve got hundreds then it’s going to take so much time you’ve got to ask whether it’s worth the effort, right..?

Oh, and what happens when one of the offers you’re promoting changes… you’ve got to go back and find EVERY post & page you used that offer on and edit ALL those links! :-O


You can just let this amazingly simple WP Plugin do all the heavy lifting for you!

Click here to watch the demo video to see how quickly you can be making commissions from all of your content!

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