Be Careful with One-Time Fee Web Hosting!

I’m just about to launch my new product, but I wanted to test it before it is officially launched.. so I used one of the one-time fee web hosting services, called

… and after loading all files to this web host – I got this “cool” page:


.. plus this additional information:

Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

It’s no big deal for me, because I use also some serious web hosting services like or – but this is more for you if you’re attracted to buy those cheap one-time hosting services – JUST DON’T!

You may save, sure, but when your site or blog’s not loading – what’s the point?

No surprise, this scam has over 8% refund rate:


Avoid. Check other reliable web hosting services around!
(and don’t take seriously the BS promoted by Trevor Carr, Jason Fulton, Venkata, Branson Tay, Kirby, Billy Darr, etc.! full list here)

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