Arbonne Bankruptcy – Is Arbonne Really Bankrupt? What to Do Now!

So, is it true? Is Arbonne really bankrupt? Well, in the past few days, some rumors have been circulating that Arbonne International has filed for bankruptcy. While this is absolutely nothing to be celebrated, the fact remains that this is something that will likely affect many people. So are the Arbonne bankruptcy rumors true? Well, if you are currently a part of Arbonne, then you may be concerned about what the future may have in store for you.

Here are some of the facts about the troubles that Arbonne is currently experiencing as well as some advice for your business and ways to protect your financial future.

Arbonne Bankruptcy:

According the official Arbonne website, it seems that Arbonne is in the process of restructuring. But, because of the recession and the effects that the economic collapse has had on Arbonne as well as many other Network Marketing and MLM-type programs, it seems that Arbonne has officially declared a chapter 11 Bankruptcy, so the rumors are in fact the truth.

The Arbonne troubles are quite unfortunate, as a great deal of distributors are likely to be affected. But it stands as an excellent reminder that when it comes to any business industry it is absolutely critical that you learn how to market and brand yourself through simple online marketing techniques instead of merely endorsing or promoting a company or product. That is not to say that everyone in Arbonne has missed out on this but unfortunately most people in network marketing never learn this important skill. Because at times like this when the recession is having a negative impact on so many businesses, it is extremely important to understand how to create a solid income through multiple .

How to Avoid the Arbonne Troubles and What to Do Next:

My best suggestion when faced with a serious situation such as a bankruptcy or business that needs a good economy in order to survive, is to look online for something that will be more “recession-proof”. The Internet has proven time and time again that it is a vibrant and thriving business industry to team up with.

Financially unstable times like these are absolutely the best times to make sure you take control of your financial future and not allow any other instabilities to take over. There is so much relief and freedom that comes from teaming up with an automated, online system that can teach you exactly how to properly brand yourself. This is crucial because it needs to be you that is the brand and not the company you work with. Because in the case of bankruptcies such as with Arbonne, you still have your own personal track record that is unharmed and your business can remain successful. Remember, people don’t just join a business, people join people!

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