App Developers Today Look A Lot Like Web Developers 10 Years Ago

While improving your current operations should always be priority number one, it’s never a bad idea to key your finger on the pulse of other industry trends that might provide completely new opportunities.

Today specifically, we’re going to go through an up and coming overhaul in the tech industry that you should keep your eye on: The birth of the app developer.


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Mobile apps as we know them have been around for a number of years now, but that’s a lot like saying websites weren’t interesting in 1998 just because some people already had websites. In fact, keeping along with the website theme, there was a golden era in the early 2000’s that is only just now waning that saw those with the skills to develop websites making massive amounts of money off of their skills.

This could have meant helping people set up personal sites and blogs, creating websites for local businesses, or taking on larger, highly lucrative private contracts. The bottom line was that many services that allowed people to create their own websites without knowing how to code were either drag and drop or were too simplified and limited to be of any real use to business owners.

Now, it’s much easier for someone to create a website using any number of easy builders or WordPress themes that will leave their creation nearly indistinguishable from a customer solution.

Since the launch of iPhones and Android smartphones, a similar goldrush has occurred amongst those who learned how to code in Java and Objective-C so that they could be some of the only people around in a position to create apps for professional clients.

In the same pattern that website creation followed, we’re now seeing several builders pop up that purport to help those without native programming skills create their own applications that they can submit right to the App Store or Google Play.

As you might imagine, the same progression of more plentiful and more powerful tools is also happening at the same time, and that’s a critical intersection you should pay attention to: We are reaching a period in which the mainstream public know they want apps, don’t know how to create them, and also don’t know that there are tools out there that let people without perfect technical skills create these apps.

Servies like Telerik, Aquro, and Appery are several players in this space, which are to app building what things like Weebly and Wix are to website creation.

There is a massive opportunity right now for people who start reaching out to local businesses and offering to create them apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional iOS/Android developers, but still at a price that will be extremely profitable for the time investment required.

You can sell these businesses on the fact that they can push customer rewards notification and offers right to their audience on their smartphones and a number of other features their current websites can’t provide.

Imagine you can start an app business with zero development, without having any technical knowledge or experience.

The good news is, it’s possible!

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