Another Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy: Trade Freebie for Email Addresses

As an affiliate marketer you must, must, must collect emails of your prospects so you can stay in constant contact with them in your online marketing efforts.

It has long been commonplace to offer prospects something in return for their email addresses. This could be PDF reports, recordings, even WordPress plugins or programs. Anything of value to your potential prospect. Programs that help make things easier like WordPress plugins have actually been shown to be seen as slightly more valuable than free information.

If you’ve spent enough time looking at online marketing and sales you may have seen a statement like this – “it takes seven contacts before a person will buy”. How precise the number 7 is may be debatable, but it is certain that the vast majority of your visitors will not buy at first contact.

First time buyers should be expected to less than 1% of your visitors. Actual purchasers of all visitors you should expect to be no more than 1 or 2 out of a hundred. This is why it is so important to get email addresses.

allows you to reach out them after their initial visit, and give them an opportunity to see more information – enough information so it makes sense for them to buy.

To make this free report / email address trade happen you will need an email collection form to collect email address, which you get from your autoresponder. GetResponse or AWeber are two of the most popular, but there are many service providers sites to choose from.

The best position for your email collection form is at the very top of your web page so it is one of the first things they see when landing on your site. There are options to placing your email collection form – as a popup which pop’s up as they scroll down your page (offering the free report for their email address), or a pop up when they move to exit the page.

You could also have the email collection form with the offer of the free report pop under the page they’re looking at so that they see it after closing the page. Cool, huh?

Once you have a list of email addresses you can create autoresponder sequence of email messages that will be emailed to your list which can consist of information that will help them with challenges they may have related to what you are selling. On the emails in your autoresponder sequence you should also have a couple links to the products you are selling. On future articles we’ll discuss more about setting up your email autoresponder sequence.

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