Amazon Affiliate Program vs. ClickBank – How To Earn $137 Per Sale

Learn the the pros, cons, and commission structures between Amazon and PLUS we show you how you can use both to earn $137 per sale!

Whether you’re here to choose an affiliate network or learn about for beginners, this video will give you all the tools you need to make the right decision.

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Product Selection

First of all, while Amazon is better known for physical products and ClickBank is better known for digital products, both marketplaces offer a huge mix of both.
So, which marketplace has more products overall for affiliates to promote to their sources of organic or paid traffic? 

Well, considering Amazon sells 12 million products directly on its platform and has a marketplace of more than 353 million products, we’ll have to give the nod to Amazon on this one. The huge variety of products on Amazon is a BIG plus!

With that said, there’s an impressive selection of thousands of ClickBank products specifically listed for affiliates to promote – and you only need a few quality products to thrive as an affiliate.
The better marketplace for you may ultimately come down to your niche. In other words, this is a case where quality definitely trumps quantity, but in terms of sheer selection, Amazon wins.

Commission Structure

Commission rates are key for a successful affiliate business!
ClickBank provides a marketplace that supports anywhere from 1% to 75% in commission rates. I’ve personally seen many top products come in right at 70% or 75%, while other high quality offerings have a solid average order value with commissions in the 30-40% range.
Vendors also have a lot of leeway in what they set for commissions, even setting custom rates per affiliate. 
As I mentioned earlier, Amazon has a sliding scale of 1 to 10% commission rates (plus some Amazon-specific offerings offering 0% in commissions).

Let’s be real: These commission rates are quite low. But there are still two HUGE reasons why Amazon is viable as an affiliate marketplace:

1. Amazon generally offers high conversion rates. Amazon is a known quantity with brand loyalty, so buyers who get referred to Amazon are more likely to make a purchase.

2. Amazon has a universal cookie. You get credit for any purchases a referral makes on Amazon within 24 hours, including multiple items and even products you didn’t specifically recommend.
Purely in terms of commission structure, it’s no contest: ClickBank vendors offer high enough commissions that you can turn a profit while promoting them with PPC campaigns, while Amazon has low commissions that generally require you to build a content site to make the numbers work.


I touched on this already, but as a general rule, you can expect higher conversions on Amazon. This is because of a simple truth: most people know Amazon and already have an account there. At the same time, a lot of people won’t recognize the vendor whose pitch page you just sent them to.
Of course, there’s a ton of conversion rate variability depending on your niche, the quality of the offer, and the strength of your relationship with your audience. If you don’t have a lot of brand recognition for yourself, Amazon may be the better way to go for higher conversions – but if you can carve a name for yourself in your space, ClickBank vendors can give you high conversions and a much bigger slice of the total pie.
Still, Amazon is a clear powerhouse in e-commerce, so we’ll give Amazon this one!

Cookie Quality

Amazon has a notoriously short cookie of just 24 hours for affiliates who refer traffic. This is improved a LOT if the shopper adds a product to their cart in that 24-hour window – this will extend Amazon’s cookie for the item in the cart to 90 days. Amazon also offers a universal cookie, so if you refer traffic to Amazon to buy an iPhone, and the customer buys an Apple Watch instead, you still get credit for that purchase. 

At ClickBank, HopLinks for marketplace products include a 60-day cookie. This means if you refer traffic to a vendor’s pitch page today, and they go back and buy the product within 60 days, you’ll still get credit for that purchase. In addition, vendors have the option to allow lifetime commissions to affiliates, which would give you credit for any referred customers forever!

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