AffiliBuilder Review + REAL DEMO = Spent $54 So You Don’t Have To

Thanks for checking out my . I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT to give you a real demo and honest walkthrough behind the promise of this Affiliate Site Creator WP Plugin. I had really high hopes for this product. The promises were good…

Watch this live, unscripted demo of this to understand:

– Why I am Disappointed
– What functionality works and what doesn’t
– The only niche this product seems to work for

I found a few more niches that have a decent amount of content + some warnings about some of the features.

See my article for details:

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πŸ•°οΈTime StampsπŸ•°οΈ
00:00 AffiliBuilder Review
01:54 Actual Process Step 1
06:27 Actual Process Step 2
10:50 My Opinion (at this point)
20:51 How I Formed My Opinion

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  1. I find the response from the marketer a little irresponsible. So, you buy the product but can't really use it without knowing what niches there are articles and pictures for. And I agree with what someone else said, that there should be something on the sales page which states that there is an upsell which works better – which is why I no longer buy from this marketer.
    Thank you AMI for your information. I am subbing you! First time here…

  2. Good video by you. You really have brought to light that apparently there is a limited selection of niches that are covered and that's something that should have been revealed by the product owner beforehand. So I would suggest that if you want to buy the product contact the support desk of the product and ask for a list of covered niches. Thanks for your insightful review!

  3. Great video i have lots affiliates email for this but don't have buy yet i love drone and photography, but i buy a domain from namecheap but have my wordpress about 1 month total empty and want to make for affiliate marketers, but can i put link affiliate and i am in my.wealthyaffiliate to but in free

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