Affiliate Marketing Programs – Hydramedia Vs Modernclick Affiliate Networks

Our story begins like many of this nature, with a frustrated Internet marketer trying to hack out a living with affiliate programs. Having several web sites up with decent content our marketer set out to find some offers to start making money with.

As you can imagine the first stop was Commission Junction. There were some offers to be found there, but the really juicy ones, the ones that could bring in dollars on top of dollars, were kept out of reach. The marketer’s site was to new, or didn’t have enough traffic according to Alexa, or didn’t have page rank, was the message received time an time again. Sound familiar? There wasn’t time for this, what could be done?

The frustration was mounting. Search after search, application after application, all yielding nothing good, nothing to really sink the business into. Of course our newbie Internet marketer was at the stage of being subscribed to every “guru” email list available. That’s where salvation came from, or so our marketer thought.

The email came from Keith Baxter by way of the AdSense is Dead campaign. If you don’t know, Keith is the owner of a relatively new cost per action affiliate network program. The promise was astounding. Here was an offer from a guy that was leading the “Click Flipping” revolution! It couldn’t be passed.

So our dutiful little marketer headed over to sign up for this amazing new opportunity. The forms were basic and easy to follow. The process went quickly and our marketer was approved. So step one was complete but now the tedious and disappointing task of applying for the different affiliate offers available began. And then it happened. Our marketer discovered the most incredible thing; the offers were automatically available! The site had been accepted once during the sign up process and now the entire landscape of offers was available at will.

Our marketer was ecstatic. Over at Commission Junction our persistent marketer had sent 5 follow up emails to a particular vendor with a perfect match of offers. No luck. Now, with just a few clicks of a mouse the vendor’s offers were showing on our happy marketer’s site. Things were good.

And then it happened. Always looking for a bigger and better offer our marketer stumbled on Hydramedia. I say stumbled because this network was never mentioned in a “guru” mailing, or in the countless ebooks which had been purchased, or in the forums. Only through a random set of click events did our lucky marketer find what would turn out to be gold.

Just like Modernclick, the process turned out to be simple and quick. A few days passed and our marketer was concerned about being declined yet again. Not the case this time. Our marketer eagerly followed the link in the acceptance email, still a little concerned to face another set of approval processes. Hungrily the offers were scanned. Happily the process was like Modernclick and the entire cornucopia of quality affiliate opportunities were available without judgement. Then, suddenly, the love affair with Modernclick was over.

It took only a single click to abruptly shatter the blind infatuation with the Baxter program. There, in front of the wide and disbelieving eyes of our marketer was a product being used from Modernclick. It was different though. With Hydramedia there were 4 different versions of the offer. Besides the two presented at Modernclick, there were two offering gifts to prospective buyers. That could only help sales. But that’s not the worst of it.

To the dismay of our marketer the offers at Hydramedia paid more, a lot more. The offer with the gifts paid 40% more than the Modernclick offer without the gifts. And after research our disillusioned Internet marketer found it was not an isolated case. Any time an offer was on both affiliate networks Hydramedia had the superior offer.

Fortunately the devastation of a broken love affair was short lived. Our marketer found a new infatuation with Hydramedia and has been taking it to the bank ever since.

So, having made a short story long, you can see why Hydramedia is the better network compared to Modernclick. Should you stay away from Modernclick? I don’t think so. They still have offers available you might only find at larger, more exclusive affiliate programs that aren’t on Hydramedia. My only advice is if you find an offer at Modernclick, be sure to check all of your other networks first, because if you can find it somewhere else you’ll probably make a bigger commission.

Source by J Andrew Morrison

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