Affiliate Marketing Adds Big Income Profits

is one of the most effective and easiest ways to turn a profit. You tell others, your subscribers and your customers (buyers), what you have discovered about a product or a software owned by other merchants you know, usually other website owners.

The website owner invites you, an Internet Marketer, to use your “link” to connect with their website. When “your” people like your suggestion or promotion of the product and end up buying, you earn a commission as the affiliate marketer behind the promotion to your email list.

We like to call it the “win/win” of Internet Marketing. However, we think you should use the product or software personally or in your own business, BEFORE, trying to pass it on to your own people just to make more profit. Invest your own money, use the software or product, first, then recommend it only AFTER you have proven it’s value.

All sides win when you do with integrity. Obviously, you’re helping the merchant to give maximum exposure to their software or product using these methods of exposure Vs traditional advertising which is far more expensive for the merchant.

Affiliate marketers help bring traffic to the merchant that he/she would never experience without sharing the profits from more sales. Without upfront advertising expense, the merchant only pays a commission when someone buys.

Usually, the affiliate marketer has an email list built from past contact with people who like, know and TRUST them. Relationships that have tremendous value and profit potential for your business, never chance losing it with careless promotion.

An old saying is… “do me wrong once and I’ll never trust you again” or try to “sell” me on stuff I don’t want or need and you’ll never profit again at my expense. Don’t do it! Always stand behind your with an unconditional guarantee, YOU should take all the risk.

Finding affiliate products that are already developed and available for your list of subscribers is good business, things they may never discover on their own. Usually, there’s a good reason someone is on your email list. Ask, why? What’s their interest and history with you? What did they buy in the beginning of your relationship? Are they buyers or subscribers only?

Relevant to YOUR website, your intent, focus is important and wise. IF you’re mainly “talking” to your list about riding a Harley or belonging to a Corvette Club, stay the course. Search for affiliate software, products with a “connection” to the intent of your group.

Most of us expect a website owner to tell us about his/her expertise in a particular area not trying to just make money at our expense. Few of us want to hear about flower designs while riding our Harley RoadKing on the parkway in the NC mountains or showing it off at the Harley rally event.

Source by Don Monteith

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