8 Real Life Provely Examples – And How to Recreate Them in Provely !

In this Provely tutorial, I show you 8 provely examples and how to recreate them in Provely. If you like what you see, here: https://affiliatemarketinginformant.com/get-provely

00:00 Provely introduction
00:49 1
01:26 How easy it is to recreate this example in Provely
05:02 How to install Provely notification on your landing page
06:52 2
07:09 How change the location of where the Provely popup appears
08:13 Provely Example 3
09:05 The most popular Provely notification type
09:25 How to change the timing of your Provely notification
10:27 Provely Example 4
11:36 How to create a coupon notification in Provely
14:11 Provely Example 5
14:35 How to create an inline notification in Provely
15:48 Provely Example 6
16:12 How to create a coupon notification WITHOUT urgency countdown timer in Provely
17:35 Current issue with Provely coupon button URL input box
17:40 How to add urgency with the Provely Timer notification
19:40 Provely Example 7
20:17 Provely Example 8
20:47 Provely Alternative (A Provely Competitor)
21:10 Provely vs. Competitor Comparison
22:57 Provely Price Comparison vs 2 Other Competitors
23:36 The Provely Price Package we bought for AMI
23:41 How to today to try it out for your business 🙂

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8 Real Life Provely Examples – And How to Recreate Them in Provely

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