7 Most Common Conversion Killers in Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2021

Is your not converting? Lots of clicks but no sales? We break down the 7 most common conversion killers in affiliate marketing that you probably have on your right now….

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – #1 – Walls of Text
1:18 – #2 – There’s No Flow to Your
2:11 – #3 – You’re Not Telling a Story
2:47 – #4 – You’re Too Niche or Specific
3:29 – #5 – You’re Not Following a Format
4:36 – #6 – Don’t Overdesign Your Page
5:48 – #7 – Your Call to Action is Too Early
6:38 – Recap
6:51 – Outro

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