4 Keys To Unlock Your Income Mindset – Are You Looking For Financial Freedom?

How much is enough? Why do we always have to think of money or our income in terms of what is sufficient for us to lead a good life? Nature is abundant and there is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. When you look at a fruit tree, it is full of fruits – not just “enough” to feed you and your family or friends. If we are part of nature, why is it that we are constantly thinking of earning “enough” to feel comfortable, and not thinking about abundance?

Let’s THINK BIG today and see if we can break our limiting beliefs about money and income and unlock our high income/high success mindset.

There are 4 keys to shift your income or money mindset:

Key 1: Break The Need To Work Hours For Dollars

Many start-up entrepreneurs either leave their job to start a business or start a supplementary business in order to make more income. They do this thinking that their new found venture would offer them more freedom only to find that they are still working hard and calculating money in hours to dollars.

On the other hand, people in jobs find themselves feeling dissatisfied because their incremental income over time is just not sufficient for them for the life they want to lead. Their hard work over time does not give them the returns they need to retire and live off their savings. The stress and pressures of work or keeping the job only adds to that feeling of insufficiency.

How do you break the cycle of working hours for dollars and create profits that allows you to live the lifestyle you want?

The answer to this in understanding the concept of being a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. A lifestyle entrepreneur creates an enterprise that revolves around the lifestyle they want to live. They make money through a strong understanding and implementation of passive income strategies.

The question that you need to ask at this point is:

“What kind of lifestyle do I want to live? Is my current career (or business) giving me the tools and returns for me to live that way? If not, what should I change?”

Write down the answers in your journal, if you can. You may be pleasantly surprised with the answers you give yourself.

Key 2: Stop Being and Feeling Undervalued – Assess Your True Potential

If you are a business owner, a freelancer, a solo entrepreneur or just someone who is making the transition from a job to being your own boss, you know as well as I do, hard work is necessary for success. However, hard work without clarity will get you nowhere. Without a clear direction about your life and business, clear revenue goals and a clear idea of how you can get there, your hard work will not pay off.

Why is it that most people don’t have this clarity? Clarity requires 3 things:

1. Understanding your purpose – what is it that you want to contribute in this world?

2. Understanding your value – what unique skills do you have that would help you create an impact in this world?

3. Understanding your potential – What unique ability do you have to make it happen and how?

Let me give you an example. My purpose in my business is to help create successful entrepreneur leaders who create a great impact within their communities. My unique skill lies in communication, creating workshops and online marketing. I use this to communicate and deliver our content to our clients, creating my weekly Inbox Magazine and my online coaching programs. My potential to network with peers and mentors gave me the opportunity and the idea of creating a platform where I can invite our fellow coaches, experts and successful entrepreneurs to collaborate with our work and help our clients. That is our HOW. This is how you can create clarity in your business. When you do, it lends an incredible focus and energy to your growth.

You deserve the income that you want to create. It all starts by assessing your true value and potential – if your current job or business is not utilising your best to create your best life, you need to take a step back and look for the right direction.

Key 3: Focus On Exponential Growth

Many people focus on linear growth – a slow, incremental increase in what they earn throughout their lives. Successful people on the other hand practice exponential growth – they create multiple streams of revenues that allows them to grow in leaps. It is exponential growth that gives you financial freedom. It is what creates true abundance.

How do you create exponential growth? This leads to key 4 that is an extension of this key to success.

Key 4: Find A Leveraged System That Gives You Passive Income Through Multiple Channels

Success is never random. It is a constant process of innovation and growth. You have to find the right system to bank on in order for it to provide you with the tools and foundation to create the exponential growth you seek. So, the most important blueprint we can give you today is this:

1. Bank on a leveraged system that can give you exponential growth – Find an online marketing and online business platform that will automate your business.

2. Learn to create multiple streams of revenues through that system by fully utilising your unique skills and your full potential – once you know and see success in your system with one product or service, you can recreate the system for multiple products and services (hence create multiple streams of income).

An important note: Even though I say create multiple streams of income, please note that you have to first succeed in one project, product, or service before you can diversify. Don’t distract yourself with too many projects when you are starting up.

3. Create passive income strategies and move away from working hours. If you want to consult, or take one on one sessions, or work on a hands on project, by all means do so. But remember to create additional automated channels that give you the passive income as well. Passive income strategies will help your business keep earning money even without you being physically there. Some examples would automated online programs for your business, or downloadable books and PDFs, leveraging affiliate marketing (resell programs created by other people), or just simply have affiliates sell your program all over the world.

A shift in your INCOME MINDSET and your INCOME STRATEGIES will help you raise your income capacity effortlessly, should you choose to do so. The choice to doing smart business and financial growth is always with you.

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