3 Things Your Business Can Tweet About

It’s no secret that those who crack the code of putting out consistently interesting content to the people in their target audiences end up being rewarded for it. In our modern age of communication, sometimes knowing how to correctly curate and create on social can be an even bigger advantage than a keen knowledge of traditional marketing techniques and metrics.

Twitter always has been and continues to be a game without a lot of middle ground. In general, you’re either an influencer, or you’re a follower. More accurately, there’s a third category for failing companies and brands who fail by over-promoting and ensuring no one ever gives them a second glance after their first encounter with a “buy my stuff!” type tweet.


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So, what can you populate your twitter with to keep things interesting and attract genuine interest?

1. Memes and gifs. Don’t like the lack of seriousness social lends itself to? Tough. It’s 2016, and things that make people laugh and interact are king. Think about what you might share that will get a smile out of someone in your target market. A software startup targeting programmers might post funny jokes about bad coding practices, a sports tracking app might photoshop some popular sports figures into hilarious but less-than-flattering scenarios. Plus, twitter now has a built-in GIF search, so your excuses are limited.

2. Current events and industry news. When something big happens that your target audience might enjoy, even if your product doesn’t exactly map to that current event, share it any way! People far too often think of twitter and other social platforms as another marketing space where you’re always on the attack, but social reach can be harnessed much more effectively when used as a tool for getting people into much higher stages of your funnel. Make your brand a curator of things they find important.

3. Share content from micro-influencers. This strategy is a favorite because it works from two angles simultaneously. Let’s say you find someone creating daily vlogs around your niche but notice they haven’t amassed a huge following yet. Sharing this person’s content and then tweeting at them that they did a nice job can be wildly beneficial for you. Not only do you get interesting, unique content to share with your growing audience, the original creator will likely mention you and thank you publicly for being kind and making the first move.

Ultimately, what you share on social is up to you and you’ll want to make sure that it jives with your brand message and voice. That said, this may at least give you some jumping off points Now get out there and start scheduling those tweets!


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