3 Services You Can Start Offering Now

Sometimes when people start out on their entrepreneurship journey, they aren’t certain of what they want to do. They know they want to escape a 9-5 grind and live life on their own terms, but the exact means they’ll use to fund this life might be a bit of a mystery.

Obviously, that’s a big problem as – depending on your financial reserves – sitting around contemplating for too long isn’t usually an option for most people. So you need to bring in some cash, and fast.


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Here are just a few ways that virtually anyone can start offering services that bring them cash almost immediately.

1) Content writing. Are you knowledgeable in an area that other people are currently operating a business in? Perhaps you know a thing or two about winter fashions and you notice an up and coming clothing brand that could use some better blog posts or content for Medium. Reach out and offer to write for brands, you’d be surprised how quickly you can acquire loyal clients through this method – seriously!

2) Queue social content for brands. Honestly, for how simple of a task it can be, many brands don’t want to deal with finding interesting or funny content to share across their twitter profiles, facebook pages, and Instagram profiles, and will pay nicely just to have you spend a couple of hours queuing things up for the week so that they don’t have to worry about what’s coming out next on their pages. Because this work doesn’t have a particularly high skill barrier to entry, it’s easy to get started for friends, family, local businesses, acquaintances, etc. without any sort of longterm experience in social media. Remember, anything relatively new is usually a great opportunity for you to cash in on while everyone else ‘can’t be bothered’ to learn to execute it for themselves – your gain!

3) Design and art. While living off of art seems to be some kind of nebulous dream for many around the world, there are actually a lot of opportunities to apply artistic talents to profitable business opportunities. People on freelancing sites, Fiverr, etc. are offering up whatever they have a making a killing. Clever at songwriting? Offer to write intro jingles to people’s podcasts or other endeavors. Like drawing with pencils? Offer to turn people’s logos or photos into pencil sketches for them. Have a great voice? Offer to record testimonials, video voiceovers, etc. There is money to be made in talents you already have, guaranteed.

Which you find to be the most profitable will come down to your own skill and time availability, but these can be great launching pads for finding your direction and making connections with those you can later partner with or who can recommend you to others or make introductions -plus you can start supporting yourself along the way without the need for any laborious build up time. Get out there!


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