10 Vidnami Video Examples 🎥 🎥 See Real-Life Examples of What Vidnami Videos Look Like 👍👍

was shut down on August 20, 2021. Here are our 11 Best Alternatives for 2022: https://youtu.be/H85ac5WNYng

Here is a video example from the close alternative: https://youtu.be/4thD7F29KOA

See what Vidnami videos look like. These 10 Vidnami examples will give show you all Vidnami features.

If you are looking for an easy way to make videos that look pretty good and are quick to make, then Vidnami is definitely worth considering.

Susie and I spent some time creating 10 unique videos in Vidnami. We cover a variety of topics and niches so you can see how Vidnami can be used for any topic.

I call out the specific types of templates, formats, auto-voices, and music options that each video used so you can understand all of the options you have available to use to help you create your own quality videos.

Be sure to watch the entire video so you can get a full view of everything Vidnami has to offer you and your videos.

Use these quick links below for each video example you want to see:

[+] 00:00 10
[+] 01:28 Example #1: Vidnami Promotion
[+] 02:37 Example #2: Video Marketing
[+] 07:14 Example #3: Back Care
[+] 08:23 Example #4: Arthritis Care
[+] 10:35 Example #5: Green Smoothies Recipes
[+] 12:54 Example #6: Smoothies Diet Review
[+] 14:41 Example #7: Online Commerce
[+] 15:14 Example #8: Real Estate
[+] 16:43 Example #9: Make Money Online
[+] 18:06 Example #10: Travel & Real Estate
[+] 19:57 Wrap up

Here are the specific features used in each :

Vidnami Video Example #1: Vidnami Promotion
– Niche: Video Marketing
– Sales Video Template
– Horizontal Medical Format
– No Voiceover (Music Only)
– Beyond Measure Music
– 80% Music Volume
– 5 Second Scenes

Vidnami Video Example #2: Video Marketing
– Niche: Marketing: Video Marketing
– Presenter Video Template
– Horizontal Blue Highlight Format
– My Real Voice
– Simplicity Background Music
– 8% Music Volume

Vidnami Video Example #3: Back Care
– Niche: Health: Back Care
– Content Video Template
– Vertical Viral Yellow Format
– Jack Auto Voice
– Pixelate Background Music
– 100% Auto Voice Speed
– 8% Music Volume

Vidnami Video Example #4: Arthritis Care
– Niche: Health: Arthritis
– Custom Video Template
– Square Green Format
– Isla Auto Voice
– Serenity Harp Piano Version Background Music
– 95% Auto Voice Speed
– 23% Music Volume

I’ve reached the 5000 character limit here…

Click the link below to see the full feature list for all 10 videos:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of these videos are original and were custom created by us in our own Vidnami account. So don’t go thinking we ripped other people’s videos or music. Between Vidnami and us, we’ve got the copyrights to use what you see 🙂

If you have any questions, just comment below.


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  1. HI! Very nice video that helped me a lot here. For video number 2 where did you get all the clips that are in it? Do they come from Vidnamy Library?

  2. Wow, Kim! You guys are totally tossing that fast food through the air at a blazing pace, my good friend! I have fallen way behind watching your vids. I'll catch up though. Awesome work. Keep rocking it like this an you are going to be a YouTube star and affiliate marketing queen in no time. Well I guess I should you both are going to be queens. I'm still not used to there being a partner here yet. lol 🙂

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