10 Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Requirements (+ Checklist) | Amazon Restrictions

Amazon updated their Requirements, so we did too:) Watch our updated series on Requirements here: https://youtu.be/iW_nmMBa7E4

[2020] Here are 10 requirements you need to know BEFORE you join Amazon Associates Affiliate Program with a free checklist to download. Start your affiliate marketing business in as little as 60 minutes. https://affiliatemarketinginformant.com/instant-access

Watch this to avoid:
– getting your account closed
– or worse permanently banned
– losing out on your hard-earned affiliate commissions

00:00 10 Amazon Associates Affiliate Requirements
00:51 There are rules? YES! Always read the rules!
02:20 #1
04:18 Tip for YOU
04:57 #2
05:22 Tip for YOU
05:47 #3
06:18 Always 1 Exception to the Rule
06:50 Tips for YOU
07:36 #4 BIG NO NO
08:44 Tips for YOU
09:40 #5
10:13 Helpful Tool
10:46 #6
12:13 #7
13:31 #8
13:57 #9
14:28 #10


Want to learn more about ?

Watch the full series here.

Part 1: Applying to be an

Part 2: Getting Approved to be an Amazon Affiliate


Grab my free checklist to help remember all of these steps: https://affiliatemarketinginformant.com/amazon-affiliate-associates-program-requirements/

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  1. Seeing your inbox/unread messages gave me anxiety haha. Overall, thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if you could answer a question or send me to a video that covers "Trademark Guidelines". That seems a bit unclear to me.

  2. I know this video is a couple years old however I'm still confused about making personal purchases without having our affiliate link attached. I made a purchase on Amazon the other day and thought I was good but it still showed up under my earnings. I had to contact them and let them know it was an accident and luckily they were very understanding. If I purchase through my phone app will I be ok? Any advice on making purchases for ourselves would be greatly appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  3. Confused about #7 (and maybe #6). I follow two Amazon affiliates via Amazon Live. One of them does giveaways for watching their lives. Anyone watching (whether they have purchased or not) can participate by sending them an email answering a question to be included in the drawing. The second part is the whole reason they want to you to sent the email is to capture your email address (if they dont already have it). I do believe it had me "opt in" to getting emails (which I know legally has to be done). I did all that and now I get occasional emails w/links to amazon products. Here is what part of the email says "This is just a few of the Amazon Deals and Promo Codes we have for you today. You can see all of our deal finds HERE or just tap on the pictures!". Isn't this against the rules per #6 and #7?

  4. Hi. Thank you so much for this video. It has been really helpful. I wanted to ask, because I don't think I saw this here. Do we need a certain amount of followers on instagram to be accepted? Thanks in advance.

  5. Do I have to put a full disclosure that I am an affiliate in my website? Can I just indicate that the links are affiliate links near the actual links? If I add another website can do I have to make an additional 3 sales in 180 days for that website as well? Thank you this video really helped me!

  6. Hi, thanks for your sharing. It's very helpful. I had no idea that I violated some of the rules. Here I have two questions.

    -I got an application rejection letter saying that my account doesn't meet the number of subscribers. (but I have already sold several products) It says I will be paid for any outstanding commission prior to the notice, but now I can't even log in to my affiliate account. Do you know what I can do now?
    – In some of my videos, I have screenshot of Amazon products with prices on it, if I use the blur function in YouTube edit (so that I don't have to re-upload the video) to blur the price, will that still be counted as violation?
    Thank you.

  7. This video was extremely helpful. I am about to start and I already was about to make some major mistakes. My question is what do you do prior to signing up if you don't have a following just yet?

  8. Thanks for the wonderful video. I have ensured that I fulfill all the requirements mentioned. But my amazon affiliate program got closed recently due to the following violation as mentioned by them : "We noticed that you are not using tags associated with your store in any of the Amazon Special Links you have created on your website. As a result of this, we were unable to determine the source of traffic. This is in violation of our Programme Policies." Please help me understand the meaning of the above violation as I am not clear about it. I am an artist and I have created blogs on my website wherein I have mentioned list of art materials that I use; along with the Amazon links for the same. Also I have a Shop page on the same website where all my products (paintings) are available for purchase. But its not possible for me to put amazon links on Shop page or Home page. Hence I have them only on my Blog pages and also in my Youtube video descriptions. What else is required to be done on the website so that I can reapply?

  9. Very informative Video! But 2 Questions.
    1. When someone buys something else but cookie was set, does it count as a qualified sale?
    2. Do i have 3 sales every 180 days or is this a 1 time goal to achieve?
    Got only 500+ Subs and scared to fail πŸ™‚
    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚ !!!!

  10. Thank you so much for this video! Most tutorials do not mention this and they just make creating an Amazon Affiliate Account sound so easy with all the "BOOMs" here and there. I like that it is in a video format because I prefer to watch than read. My only question is that, how does one pass through the website link requirement if one doesn't have one. Should I paste my YT URL instead? I was planning to link through my YT account but now it seems not possible.

  11. Very helpful and informative. whew !! so much to learn! I'm wanting to start a youtube channel and blog/website. I see lots of you tubers list their Amazon store on the comments section. I take it that it's linked from their own website to the Amazon affiliate site…

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