What is the Full Stack Internet Marketer

In the world of programming, there is such thing as the full stack developer.

A full stack developer is a highly sought after creature and an elusive one for sure. This is a person who is able to handle every aspect of coding, which is to say that they are capable of creating a programs back end and front end and everything in between.


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For the uninitiated, front end means the interface and the layout, whereas backend is the part where the administrators log in, where they can upload and edit posts and where they can look at things like user permissions, statistics etc.
So, the full stack developer is able to handle the front end and the back end, the databases and everything else.

And as you might imagine, this is someone who ishighly in demand because theyre capable of carrying an entire project all by themselves to an incredibly high standard.

A similar concept is the triple threat in Hollywood. In tinsel town, a triple threat is someone who is able to sing, dance and act. This makes them highly employable and means theyre likely to be cast in roles that no one else would quite be suitable for.

So, what is the equivalent in the world of internet marketing, The full stack internet marketer is likewise someone who has amassed a great number of different skills and this is something that can make you completely indispensable to any company and able to build entire businesses and brands from scratch.
Lets take a look at some of the skills that the full stack marketer should look into developing
Skills That Will Set You Apart on the Web

SEO and Marketing

Of course, the full stack marketer needs to know marketing inside out. That means you should have a full understanding of how SEO works but you should also be able to build and run a successful social media campaign and you should know how to write the kind of content that is successful for content marketing.

Email marketing, autoresponders, writing press releases These are all things you should be highly adept in and really this is going to be your bread and butter as it were.


If you want to take your skills to the next level, then it is always worth learning design. That means you should be able to create logos and icons, as well as building websites from scratch in WordPress. You need to learn how to use the tools and how to develop your eye.
Photography is another useful skill for the web, whether you will be taking photos of products, for an Instagram campaign, for articles on a blog, or to sell!


Learn to film and edit videos and you can take your brand to YouTube, you can create video openers and you can promote your business in a way that seems highly polished and professional.


To be a full stack developer, you should also be a full stack programmer or at least know the basics!


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