Tips For When Stressed Entrepreneurs Need An Evening Off

As with most things we hold dear and have a passion for, it is quite easy to get swept up in our entrepreneurship to the point that it takes over, demanding every moment of our emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical existence. We wake up early each morning and go to bed late each night, all in the pursuit of escaping the 9-5 grind. Ironically, it’s a life that usually sentences us to much longer hours than just 8 per day, but we happily oblige, all the same.

Having said that, it’s quite common that we can become consumed to the point of over-stressing and while this pace can be sustained for some time, it’s healthy to people to take an evening off when you need it. Instead of checking your phone until 2am only to drift off for a few hours of sleep, wake up at 6 and do it all over again, here are a few tips to help you catch a few hours of uninterrupted bliss.

1) Be ok with ignoring people. One of the biggest things that catch us is a late night email or text coming through that seems like it just can’t wait. The reality is, it can. Learn to be OK with leaving your inbox sitting there waiting for you until the morning (because it will still be waiting there!). Set an out of office type reply, if even just for one evening, if you really think delaying your responses for a few hours is going to cause anyone to panic.

2) Turn off read receipts! One of the ways we pressure ourselves into replying is via the nifty-yet-annoying feature on many messaging apps apps that let someone know when you’ve ready their message. At this point, we cave to the social pressure to respond and the cycle continues. Many apps allow you to actually dig into their settings and turn off this feature completely, leaving you free to reply on your own time without having to feel like you’ve been rude.

3) Do something entirely unrelated. Watch a movie that has nothing to do with the business world, play a video game, write a funny song on guitar for the evening. You’ll quickly find that an intentional diversion becomes something you don’t have to think about, and eats up a few hours that give your mind a much, much needed rest.

4) Spend time in the company of those who have nothing to do with your job. Even at an after-work or social event with anyone you work with, the conversation inevitably tables a familiar turn. Instead, turn to your family or friends for socializing that won’t have to end up pertaining to what you already spend so much of your time on.

Nights off can be rare, whether once per week, once per month, or once every 2-3 months is the ratio that works for you, just make sure you’re dedicated to the cause when you finally take them.

Another tip is to try to consolidate the tools you use in your internet marketing business so you have less tools to learn and keep track of which can really lower your stress level at work which makes your days more enjoyable so you hopefully need less breaks and days off.

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