How to increase conversions on your site

When it comes to e-commerce sites, increasing your conversion rate is absolutely essential. This is because having a good conversion rate usually means high sales volumes. The following are ways on how to increase conversions on your site.

1. Have effective calls to actions
Your call to action is what will convert a visitor to a client. It could be a form urging users to sign up for an email list or a landing page for your goods. Regardless of what it is, it has to be distinctly visible. Try to make it stand out by implementing a unique design, or use it as a soft pop-up after a visitor sits idle on your site. You can also have a link to a call-to-action on every page on your website, or have it included at the top of your page. You don’€™t have to go over the top, just do your best to make your calls-to-action prominent.

2. Easy conversion
The truth is that if a process tends to take too long, most users will leave the site regardless of whether they like the brand. For instance, asking for a name, address and email will secure more signups than asking for things like occupation, first name, last name, location, email, physical address, and other information that is not crucial. If the process can take less than 30 seconds, most users will be fine with that.

3. Include testimonials, guarantees and reviews
Trust is a major factor when it comes to conversion. It has to be earned, especially with new users. To gain trust, try including user reviews, testimonials or offer some sort of guarantee. In most cases, users will be more inclined to trust you if you provide third-party reviews. If you also happen to have any affiliations to major brands in your industry, make sure to show off their badges.

4. Strong action words in your headline
It is quite important that you try your level best to use strong action words in your headline. Its strength can make or break any potential conversion since it’s the first thing users see. You only have a few choice words to create the impression you want, so they have to be compelling as possible. However, stay away from cliches and gimmicks because modern users detest such things. Your words should be concise, to the point and offer face value.

Any good marketing campaigning is not solely centered on building traffic or increasing conversion rates. The truth is that it€™s a balance of the two. They go hand in hand in order to achieve the targeted outcome.

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