Daily Profit Machines – Where’s The Catch?

You may want to buy Daily Profit Machines, because it’s been sold more than 1,000 copies as I’m writing this. But don’t be fooled! Lots of sales were made by affiliates trying to get the JV prizes (link).

What information I didn’t see on the sales page – is that to make this system work and to be this as much effective as possible – you need to sign up for a paid service that is only allowed for certain autoresponder services.

The good news is that if you have GetResponse– you’re good to go – and can proceed ahead – and pay for the traffic source.  I’m not saying the system described doesn’t work! It’s just you don’t get the full information before you click that “buy button”.

I did buy the Daily Profit Machines, it’s low priced, and I wanted to see what’s behind it. You’ll get a few videos with quite bad audio sound though – I guess a good written PDF would do the job better.

And I went to about 6! OTOs (one time offers) and even was promised this is “the last one” offer and it was NOT! (which is quite ridiculous).

Again, it’s not a magic cash machine, it requires some investment and is good only for a few autoresponder system – mine – Aweber is not supported!

BTW, here’s the final contest standing – at least you know who pushed hard to convince you that you need this! 😉

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