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How to Launch a Sticky Continuity Course in One Day

First things first – what’s a ‘sticky’ continuity course? A continuity course is basically a membership where you drip feed the information to the members. Maybe it’s on how to build a list of 10,000 rabid buyers, or how to generate super targeted traffic, or how to use social media to get new fans, prospects […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a PLR Product

When you choose a PLR product you are choosing a product that you can sell in order to make money. Thus, you want to ensure that it has the potential to shift as many units as possible, so that you can maximize your turnover, revenue and profits. More to the point though, you’re also selecting […]

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What The Heck is Pimpr?

I just went through the training, on the sales page it says: “[Newbie] Trevor: I Pimped This Nasty $5 Product into $8,694.99… And I’ll Show You How to do the Same.” First of all, the core product is authored by Trevor Carr, but actually the huge part of this launch is Mark Bishop. I see […]

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Change How You Think About Social Media

Every single person for the last five years – or at least the last 2-3 -has been trying to crack some secret social media code that unlocks the floodgates to sales on command via tweet, facebook post, snap, or Instagram video. The tough reality is that the code was already cracked years ago, and the […]

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Ideas To Get One New Customer Per Day

It’s easy to get lost in the big picture, in the large, scalable planning that views customers as numbers and values and conversion rates rather than individual people. And, of course, there is a certain stage in every business where this becomes a necessary evil. Or, at least, it can be hard to put in […]

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How To Create Content So Good It Goes Viral

Content marketing is nothing new, and while it’s going to evolve into new formats and platforms throughout 2016, as it always does, but it’s definitely not going anywhere. If anything, more and more people will jump on board, especially as more traditional ad formats continue to fall short or become exorbitantly expensive. People don’t like […]

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Some Tips for Successful Outsourcing

Being a successful Internet marketer requires a person to wear many hats. They may have to know a little something about website design, article writing, video creation, search engine optimization, social media, the list goes on and on. One way to get some help without hiring full-time employees is to outsource certain tasks to freelancers. […]

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