Three Clever Ways to Invest In a Business

When many people think of investing in a business, they right away think of investing in the stock market. Sure, that’s one way to invest. But if you’re looking for something a little more hands-on when it comes to investing in a business, then I encourage you to consider these three options… Option 1: Invest […]

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Easy to Use Word Wrap for Your Emails

Here’s another cool tool for wrapping your email text to the length of your choice – Word Wrap. It’s easy to use and the best thing is it’s free! I tried it to shorten my email lines and it worked perfectly! I use text wrappers often and that’s why I hope you’ll find it useful […]

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Done For You High Converting Landing Page Builder

The two biggest challenges of online marketing are: – Driving visitors to websites, sales pages etc. – Then capturing leads and converting them For that, landing page is a must have but to create an effective and engaging marketing pages one needs: – Good marketing and designing skills that match the needs of the audience […]

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Fake Name Generator

Sometimes it’s handy to use same fictive / not real names and addresses for services where the address is required but actually not used or needed. But still you have to fill in the details.. which I really “hate”. So here you go: fake name generator It’s very easy to use, you can choose male […]

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Free Online Word Wrap

I found this cool little app useful especially when I want to wrap long lines and put them into my autoresponder. The ideal width of my autoresponder messages are 60 characters per line, if the lines are longer I find it quite difficult to read them in Gmail. I like to use online apps so […]

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Great Free Logo Creator Online

I’ve found this great logo creator online! The best thing about it is that you can customize it with your style, color, font type, size, etc… all that for free! Isn’t that a wonderful money saver? Go and check this out: Flaming Text Here’s my first play with it: Truth is I also have some […]

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