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How To Create Content So Good It Goes Viral

Content marketing is nothing new, and while it's going to evolve into new formats and platforms throughout 2016, as it always does, but it's definitely not going anywhere. If anything, more and more people will jump on board, especially as more traditional ad formats continue to fall short or become exorbitantly expensive. People don't like [...]

Productivity Rituals

More often than not, the only strategy ever discussed when it comes to working and running a business from home is the outward facing work. You can find countless guides on advertising,. Marketing, SEO, blogging, and more, but your own personal productivity ritual is still a bit fringe. Let me explain: It's not that you [...]

Go Above And Beyond For Your Customers

When entrepreneurs and small businesses are starting out, they're relying almost completely on the quality of their product and word of mouth. In the beginning, most people simply don't have the monetary backing to bring in massive, scalable social media and search PPC campaigns. For some, this is discouraging. For others, however, this tiny, tiny [...]

While some of the major brands have dominated the headlines for using periscope for marketing purposes, even small and medium-sized companies can effectively use this app in different ways. Here are some of the ways in which they can harness its benefits and grow their businesses. Creating buzz around new product releases Since Periscope live [...]

Every shrewd business person knows how important it is to capitalize on what's hot and make the most out of it. Periscope mobile video live streaming app has a lot of positives. Many brands have quickly taken to using it ever since it was launched. Why is it that a lot of companies are increasingly [...]

In the United States, we elect a president every 4 years. One candidate can serve two terms, for a maximum total of 8 years in office. Now, around two-three years through any given president's first term, a common trend prevails: Legislative agendas generally become less ambitious, previously polarizing views are swapped out for those that [...]

A lot of companies have used the Periscope live streaming app for several marketing campaigns ever since it was launched. Unlike with recorded broadcasts, it's not advisable to sound plastic or mechanical during the live streaming sessions because viewers will immediately detect that. This app functions best when businesses present a honest picture of themselves [...]

It's the age old entrepreneur's dilemma: "I have a job, but I also want to be my own boss/found a company/pursue my passion. Of course, I also don't know that I can give up the security of a full time job in order to pursue my dreams, what do I do?" This question is posted [...]